It’s been raining. It’s been windy. It’s been awful.

It’s been one of those famous Yorkshire weather days. The type of day you think it’s wise to deploy the life rafts then you realise anything not bolted down is being propelled to continental Europe on the jet stream. Absolutely chucking it down. The rain is almost horizontal as the wind is whistling in. The thermometer is saying it’s not that cold but any skin exposed to the elements is turned blue within seconds. My Dad would call it a two jumper and waterproof socks day. The type of day he would have got the ark out and filled it with the important stuff – his prize Rhubard.

As a child I could never spell Rhubard. In Yorkshire that normally is punishable with excommunication. It’s much worse. I’m probably the only Yorkshire citizen who does not like Rhubard. Good job nobody reads this as saying that is equivalent to witchcraft here.

Who thought it was a good idea to put the H in that Yorkshire delicacy. If it’s bad for me try explaining that to someone with dyslexia.

Dad I’ve got this weeks spellings which I’ve got to learn for Fridays test. Are you sure there are no negatives for getting less than 10 out of 15.

“No the Head of Year has stopped those negatives. Why are they difficult.”

Dad your asking someone who is dyslexic…

“Sorry. Are they ridiculously hard this time”

About as hard as explaining why light bends round massive objects.


I thought I understood Spacetime Curvature and General Relativity until son picked my reasoning apart the other day. So those spellings must be super hard. Having now seen them they are beyond General Relativity difficulty. Actually they are on a difficulty level as trying to get a Tax Returns from a certain Donald Trump.







Who put the H in rhetorical. Looking at our sons confused look clearly he doesn’t understand the sneaky H as well. Apparently the spellings will get increasingly harder over the coming months. Can’t wait for June. At this rate son will be trying to spell words like








Who put the 3 H’s in that Dinosaur.

88 thoughts on “How many H’s

  1. Oh boy, it has been awful here the past two days as well. And of course today they DID have soccer practice – so the girl who doesn’t wear a ton of clothes because “they don’t feel right” froze her bum off. She came to the car in a frozen position and didn’t unthaw until she found some hot water. Those words are hard – I agree, outlook is looking like the end of year words are going to be ridiculous! Hopefully they stick with it though and don’t give negatives.

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  2. Rhubarb just makes a delicious strawberry pie taste yucky! That’s my opinion, and you know what that’ll get you.

    More important than the spelling of the words, does son know the MEANING of the words and how to pronounce them? Another opinion…gets the same as the first😉

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      1. So many will just soldier on. When I lived in London for a year – 2011 – many people were complaining about all the people coming to live in the UK: taking jobs, high crime rate, squatting in houses, human trafficiking cheap labour, etc, etc. I am sure many are voting for Brexit to stop the influx. A Lithuanian taxix driver who took me to work every morning for a week when I had a bad leg injury told me that 3 million Lithuanians live in Lithuania, 3. million Lithuanians lived outside Lithuania. thee Brits I knew were really fed up about it. Hence support for Brexit.

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  3. I would have a problem spelling a couple of those words, so god knows how bloomin harder it’s going to get. It makes you wonder as you say what the words will end up being.

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  4. Hi as a soft southerner you will, I hope forgive me for agreeing about the weather it been wet cold and nasty here too . As for having a dyslexic son I can understand that one too. Though my lad is now in forties left home and has a good job we can still have fun with spelling. I am not keen on a sneaky H or C or anything really.💜

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      1. I can never understand how those guys can stand there in freezing cold with no shirts on 🥴. As for my middle lad he is a trained carpenter but his first was a green keeper (he loves golf) then a prison officer for many years now he works at Heathrow. He copes well with dislexia and loves reading 💜

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  5. There are still a few words I always get wrong and have to Google the correct spelling – exaggeration and rythym being two of them. Thank goodness my phone is giving me the spellings (I think!). They don’t look right to me. 😕

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      1. That’s such a shame. Perhaps you could order some through the library. The librarian would be happy to recommend books for him. My daughter used to always get mixed up with b and d.

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  6. So Sir, you can see why when I write on here, I write to the “People” I use exoteric language, so nobody has to look up^ what it is I have to say here on Word Press or Medium….. ~~~~~Exo-teric…1. of the outside world; external. 2. Not limited to a select few or an inner group of disciples; suitable for the the uninitiated. 3. That can be understood by the public; Popular; Opposed to Esoteric……

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      1. All it takes is cutting the rhubarb into 2″ pieces, cover with water, boil, and sweeten to taste. Five or ten minutes from start to finish. Eat straight or as a topping on ice cream, or apple pie. I love it with toast.

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  7. Our language is so difficult when you put it like that!!
    Fortunately I enjoyed spelling (she says, planning on reading through this comment before pressing reply!) but so many words don’t follow the ‘rules’ it’s ridiculous.
    Hope you’re drying out today! ☔️

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  8. Ick!!! On both – your weather and spelling those words 😝

    Is awful here in California at the moment too. You probably have worse though. I am California “soft” lol

    I definitely do not envy learning to spell or explain those crazy words …

    I am a transplant in California from the east coast… “New England” area… its funny when I mention a town name from over there …

    Like “Leominster” which is pronounced “Lemon-Steve” … or Gloucester … pronounced “glaw-ster” etc… these California people can not comprehend the spellings and pronunciations lol … it’s a little humorous lol

    But they have their own things … like Spanish named towns. I can butcher those sometimes 🥴

    Well hope you get a break from the weather and hope spelling goes well too! ✌️


    1. Wait – spell check changed the pronunciation of Leominster

      That was supposed to say “Lemon-ster” I did not notice it changed it to Lemon- Steve 🤨

      Stupid spell check – does no good!!

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  9. I like to call those silent letters “ninja” letters. You can’t see or hear them, but they’re there!
    Spelling sucks for all of us, especially when we’re cold and dismal in a drab, blustery place. I hope your weather turns around soon–and the spelling tests let up!

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