Unbelievably Santa did not give Captain Chaos coal for Christmas. How did he not make the naughty list.

He got more presents than I did. Even the neighbour whose prized lawn he’s dug up sent him his own card. Unbelievable. Actually it’s not that hard to understand. He brings such joy, fun and life to the house. Humans really don’t deserve dogs as friends. We need to learn from their unconditional love.

No visitors, no phone calls. Splendid festive isolation. Perfect for our son. The dad from a few years back would have balked at that. That’s before Aspergers entered our family. Now isolation is the new rock and roll. Thats where a Captain Chaos comes in. He fills the gap created by the isolation. He more than fills that gap.

Dad I thought you had bought yourself a present. Are you not going to open it.

Maybe a bit later.

Looking at that puzzled look on your face you have lost it haven’t you.

Yep put it in a safe place so I wouldn’t lose it. And I can’t remember where now… Don’t you just hate that.


Anyway the missing present is not missed. Too busy trying to duck and weave to avoid a flying well chewed Christmas Cuddly Robin. This is actually the quiet before the storm. Captain Chaos has still got to open his odd looking present. A 3ft long squeaking cuddly snake. Really wish my missing present was a set of ear muffs and maybe a safety helmet. Think I’m going to need them.

79 thoughts on “Christmas Naughty List

  1. Zeus got some chicken treats and 2 bones. Ben spent the morning trying to take the bone away from Zeus. No amount of explaining, begging, warning or simple commands (stop!) would deter Ben. Zeus finally had enough and nipped at Ben as he was prying his jaws apart trying to take the bone. Didnt break the skin. Normally Zeus would be in serious trouble for that, but Ben had been warned.
    We bought Zeus a squeaky toy once and Ben took it away and squeaked it more than the dog would have🙉. It disappeared one day🤷🏼‍♀️. Very mysterious🤫. Zeus got a new ball though😉

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    1. It’s so difficult for you. Always walking that fine line trying to minimise fluctuations. Pets are just like humans – need to factor in the circumstances. We gave Captain Chaos a bone once. All he wanted to do was try to give it to the cats. Couldn’t understand why the cats where less than impressed. Finally he buried it somewhere I guess.

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  2. Just looking at the Captain’s eyes again reminds me of an article I read. It said that during their role as humankind’s companion, dogs have evolved this look thing they do with their eyes to find favour with their master/mistress and protect themselves from harm. Wolves never needed to do it at all until their relationship with us. They had to look as aggressive as possible to stand their ground in the wilds. Now, dogs can win us over with just one look and I would say that Captain Chaos has perfected this strategy. 😀

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  3. When I was a young and inexperienced mum, I once thought a squeaky toy would be great for the young ones, good hand workout and all that. So I bought a whole pack of them because it was cheaper than buying just one.
    Long story short, I never made that mistake again.
    Merry Christmas, Gary & beautiful son.

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  4. Oh, that’s funny! Definitely need some ear plugs 🙂 We sadly forgot to gift our dogs with toys. Although, as a joke, Declan got Bobby a little plush shark that when you squeeze it, it plays Baby Shark on repeat. The dog has been found in the corner three times with it – the tell tale song giving the little thief away every time 🙂

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  5. My Mum bought Hubby a chocolate Santa but couldn’t find it to wrap it. She found it eventually… the following year actually when she was digging out her Christmas wrappings and there was Santa, still intact, but past his best before date. ho ho doh. I think.

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  6. That face!! We gotta love our four legged friends. I set two brand new dog toys a few inches apart, unwrapped, to see which our dog, Cookie picked. She went for the pink elephant that looks like an aardvark or anteater.

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