How often do you overlook what is so close to you.

Today we ventured out into the mist and the rain. No car needed. A walk from the house. In just over an hour we were back home.

Son was convinced to go as it counts as a new place. That’s number 9 of the 12 new places he set himself for 2019. A place so close to home yet this was sons first trip here.

A time machine could take us back to early in the century. We had just moved into the house. Within a few days with a map in hand the new couple in the village set off to explore. Twenty minutes later we walked hand in hand through this very landscape. What a wonderful place. Splendid isolation – must come here often. My partner never went again. Now I’ve been twice.

It was an odd feeling. Not sadness. More puzzlement. Why did we not come here more often. A place the villagers label The Hag. Maybe it’s because it’s a bog fest. Maybe it’s because the local farmers come game shooting here sometimes. Maybe it’s because it’s just too close to home.

The place has an eerie feel. Beautiful yet very moody. Although that new couple in the village only came here once. I’m sure this place holds some hidden memories. For that reason it’s going to be put on my running routes list. Let’s see what memory gifts it yields in 2020.

52 thoughts on “New couple in the village

  1. Gary,
    Have you ever considered compiling your posts and self-publishing them – perhaps through Amazon – and then selling them? Your thoughts and reflections through your specific experiences could be an invaluable resource. Who knows which hearts it could touch.
    There’s a strong chance that your blog books might be the start to the reformation of the UK, and I’m not kidding here.
    You’ve tried shouting from the top; its effect is a bit uncertain.

    So, why not try to be that underground stream that flows beneath structures?

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    1. I have been thinking along these same lines. Your words are wonderful, but it’s your heart that makes them so. And how many people are out there needing to know they are not alone? I hope you consider doing this, it may well bring the change needed in the school system there for your son and for others…there is power in numbers and I am confident it would not be long before you would be making positive changes.

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      1. No I think it is anything but, that again talking of not seeing what is under a nose, that stepping back from the visceral bit, it has the kind of quality that reaches people and says something to them. also you’ve things to pin it to. The village location, and that is before we get to universal themes. As for missing what is under your noses in other terms here…it is a bit like the instructions for a gadget, car, whatever, we only learn and see hat we need.

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      2. Not at all. We live back where we lived when we first got married but at that time it was quite a different place. Now it’s a haven of coffee shops, every kind of restaurant and bars. Oh and walks. Lots of lovely walks. We have to remind ourselves every so often, to go do one and then wind up back at our fav local for one. Like that it is all on the doorstep so taken for granted. In the summer there’s this very good gala week. Now I don’t like them normally but this one is good enough for folks to come from other places and stay for a few days. We usually take the wee man out to small carnival and then for an icecream at this local jewel in the crown shop. like that We are sitting there planning that day to take him away somewhere else further afield generally and I have say WHY??? It is just life.

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  2. To a writer, that last paragraph is an irresistible invitation to the imagination! I’m sure it holds significance in some way to you too since you are feeling drawn to it. Trust your instinct. ☺

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  3. I’m always amazed at how little I see the things I was so excited to see when I move in to a place. When I was in college I spent my time working as a waitress at the beach and I was so excited that I was going to be able to go to the beach all the time, but in reality, I never really went. Same for this house – I was so excited there was a park I could run in and around right next to us but I never go. Memories I’m sure would rekindle if I were to go there as I used to take the kids there when they were babies to play. Hope you enjoy your futures run there and treks down memory lane!

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  4. I am always impressed by how a lot of Brits think nothing of walking for hours in the countryside. I live in a rural area, but not rural enough to not have a lot of traffic. I have to buy a metro pass to gain access to a park 5 miles from home.


  5. Oh, it’s amazing what lovely walks we avoid because they’re too close to home. We forget beauty is literally outside our doorstep.

    though I’d likely avoid a place farmers hunt, too. 🙂

    Hope you two are doing well in this first crazy month of 2020. Hugs from Wisconsin! xxxxxx

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