Another weekend and more grim weather is heading our way. So this is the calm before the wet and windy stuff arrives. For those with good eyesight – you can just about see York Minster in the background.

So given the weather we are likely to be falling back on indoor games to amuse ourselves. Kinda looking forward to that.

School is being school. Son is still giving it one last chance. But I get the impression that his spirit is starting to ebb away. But still he has hope that he might get moved up in at least one set before he leaves. He’s done well in the exams given the lack of dyslexia support he received. A low mark in Drama but we have seen the approach they take to the subject – let’s think spellings. French he came midway which is good as he lost lots of marks for his French spellings. As he points out – ‘I’m dyslexic in multiple languages, if I can’t spell in English what chance do I have in French‘. He’s been told he did well in history which is amazing as he had to type in his answers on a computer – his fine motor difficulties makes typing slow and problematic. He came first and second in his maths papers – he lost marks as he misread some of the wordy questions. In Science he was top in his class by a clear 20 percent – a subject which probably did the best job at getting reading support in place.

So son is waiting and hoping that maybe he might get a set move up in at least Science and Maths. Hopefully in his best subject as well – History. Fingers crossed. Even if he does get the move I suspect it’s more about a confidence boost than making a long term commitment to mainstream schooling. Homeschooling will be happening just now a question of when.

I’ve been toying with dilemma. Each night son loves to play a little games competition. Mini Air Hockey, Connect 4 and Jenga. I’ve been trying to decide on another game to add to this daily schedule. Been considering many board game options. Maybe something culturally and mentally enriching. Well at 3am I pressed the purchase option on Amazon. Hopefully it arrives before the weather.


77 thoughts on “Toying

  1. Good on your son to keep trying, regardless of what school is like to make things difficult. I hope he does well in history because he clearly soaks up information in that area and I hope he does well with the others mentioned.
    I hope your game arrives before the weather. I bet you both have fun with that.

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      1. I would be surprised if they change. It’s not a fair system as they make out to be, supporting children in a way they need to be supported.

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  2. Kerplunk. That’s a blast from the past, although we do have something very similar in the form of Tumblin’ Monkeys. It’s essentially the same game but with monkeys instead of marbles (not live monkeys, obviously).

    And congratulations to your son for his Maths and Science scores. And your comment about science being the subject that provided the best reading support speaks volumes.

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  3. Great job to your son on his marks! Those are the subjects Declan does well with too. We were helping Bobby pick his schedule for next year and the topic of “should he take honors science?” came up, to which I squashed with a “Bobby isn’t Declan – Declan will be the one to take honors science.” I think son will like the new game addition. Have fun!

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  4. I think he does amazingly well considering the absence of support at school and its obsession with spelling. Please tell him that from me. And I sincerely hope he gets moved up in his better subjects, it’ll be a confidence boost. Trust the new game arrives before you have to batten down the hatches.

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  5. Ohhhh… I used to play kerplunk!! My neighbor owned virtually every game that turned out to be a classic. I had lots of games but few classics.
    Is “bing bang boing” still around? Jenga might be good… or too challenging (but I think I’ve seen an easier, and less noisy, version avail)
    I hear that “Throw Throw Burrito” is tons of fun but no fine motor skills (and I don’t know the recommended age).

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  6. YAY!🎉 Son is obviously a genius, who if he had the supports would be in honors classes. He should get extra credit for doing so well DESPITE the lack of support!!!
    Kerplunk is a very high-brow game…are you sure you’re both ready?🤔😂😂💌💌

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  7. He is so bravely hanging in. Many of those kids with less learning obstacles could learn a lesson from him. If you ordered that game you posted a picture… yay, I remember that one. So cool!

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      1. 🤣 That’s so funny. I was trying for ages last night to think of the next game on … but couldn’t come up with one. I mean cluedo and hungry hippos just aren’t in the same league 😉

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