Let’s get the rant quickly out of the way. The UK’s School Minister has opened his mouth again. Remember him. The chap who wants to test kids from the age of 4. The chap who described kids taking time off for bereavement as – an extended holiday. The chap who introduced changes to the teaching of English which severely disadvantaged dyslexic kids – against the advice of health professionals and dyslexia groups. The chap who on several interviews refused to answer any of the questions he was expecting kids to answer. Well now he has told schools and parents what to do in terms of the Coronavirus. Even if the school gets a suspected case then parents should send their kids to school as normal. Schools should remain open. This contrasted with the Chief Medical Officer who yesterday was talking about the potential of closing schools for two months if the virus started to spread in the UK. Well the Schools Minister can take a running jump. He is the last person I would trust my child’s wellbeing with. If it comes to this decision then I will make the call not this over promoted pompous twat. Rant over….

I’ve just been bullied by a squirrel…..

I went out to feed the wildlife in the garden. The usual collection of birds and a squirrel waited not so patiently to be fed. I had a couple of uneaten pancakes to add to the usual menu. As I kneeled down to tear the pancakes up into little pieces the squirrel moved in. He grabbed both pancakes out of my grasp. He wasn’t waiting or sharing these goodies. I did try to have words with the bushy tailed one. But clearly somebody wasn’t listening today. At least somebody likes my pancakes.

107 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the Squirrel

  1. I know someone else who has chickens which, similarly, like a pancake. At least a squirrel isn’t being a cannibal.

    Re Ministers and communication, they have refused to speak to the Today programme about coronavirus. Obviously, us minions aren’t worthy of their time even..

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  2. Yes, I came across the story of 4 years olds to be tested and the f word came out as soon as I seen it. It’s a good job I don’t have a kid, because my foot would be firmly on the floor, while saying my 4 year old kid is not being tested. He/she will learn through play and be a child.
    There is enough testing already with kids when they are a bit older.

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  3. That’s an assertive squirrel! Yeah, I think you might find him lingering outside from now on. Just in case some pancakes show up again! Doesn’t look like he’s gonna share those

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  4. Hi, catching up on your posts. Well I do not think your Prime Minister likes kids very much. or is just numb. Wrong in many ways . I would not send my child if there are cases of that virus. Unbelievable…. I love your squirrels lol! they are not afraid. and being so little they are such brave creatures. I only wish I was as brave especially this past couple of weeks and counting.

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  5. I am not familiar with the UK school system … is a minister like a principal?

    And screw that!! Wow how insensitive he seems … well if that happens – there’s always homeschool lol

    But ya know it’s probably gonna explode all over the world … I’m in California and we just had the very first case that has no travel and no contact with anyone with the virus… so they don’t know. It’s just like a wildfire

    So ya know – do what you believe is right …

    And your pancakes must be delicious – you should share the recipe so we don’t have to grab them out of your hands lol

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      1. I saw that!! 😮 but ya know nothing you can do but watch it happen and hope they find something fast.

        I did not know about the dog in Japan though… I will have to look that up!

        I definitely know about the Northern California cases cause that’s where I am 😳🤨 – here we go 🤨 great!

        I will be so mad if I survived breast cancer only to get coronavirus 🤨 c’mon!!!

        Definitely little scary though cause isn’t the incubation period 2 to 14 days ?? So someone could be infected and not know it at all… walking around infecting and have no idea

        My son said tonight that Australia 🇦🇺 is first to duplicate the virus 🦠 in a lab…

        So hopefully can figure something out fast??

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      2. Someone already invented a vaccine but no one knows if it will really work, nor side effects

        They’re also not sure about the incubation period. They thought it was 14 days or less, then new cases started appearing outside that time frame. I saw one reliable news story, a week or so ago, that the found that the virus can live on surfaces for “anywhere from 5 min to 9 days”. Gee, that’s helpful… not!

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      3. Oh wow… was not aware of that either

        So I will be disinfecting constantly – I work at a school!! And a funeral home!

        But I guess all we can do is hope for best – not really any control as to what happens … just hope don’t catch

        I was even looking up masks earlier lol


      4. Ahhh… newest info on masks: Useless for prevention. Only wear one to prevent dispersing small cold particles, and infecting others, if you are sick.

        I hadn’t thought about handling bodies of the dead!

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      1. We went to movies tonight 😳😮 so probably not the best idea lol … didn’t think of it… but I guess still have to go on?

        I ordered my groceries online so I don’t have to go in store though lol… drive up/they put in my trunk

        I will google that now

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      2. Yeah… I keep thinking this might not be the ideal time to go from homebound hermit to becoming an office employee. I’ve barely had a cold in the 3yrs I’ve been off work… now I’m gonna go back and catch a modern plague?!?

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      3. I work at the 2 worst possible places to be for that!! The top worst place would be the hospital I would think? I would not want to be a health care worker right now! 😮


  6. Yesterday, 27th, our US pompous ass decided that no one… most esp the docs & scientists from the CDC… may discuss the virus without his office’s approval!! Ahhh… censoring health info… so… China of him! The clown really seems to believe that if he covers up the truth then it will magically go away. The real reason behind the move (and suddenly making dotard#2, Pence, the head of Health info) is that he’s mad that the stock market is crashing when he’s up for re-election soon.

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    1. ~ sigh ~ 🙄 yeah he’s too much… politics suck at this moment and that stock market is nuts right now!! Just been plummeting … was overinflated anyway… and I can understand the concern!!! It will effect businesses if this gets really bad.

      I am not sure what to think … trying not to let everyone’s reactions scare me but this is moving fast!

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      1. I won’t seek getting sick but if I do, I do. Mortality rate is 2% or lower (can’t recall what I read today that said, adjusted for something, it’s really only 0.7%). Dramatically higher than the flu but not, yet, like the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. And if I die, I die… worrying won’t change that.

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  7. A country can only have MIA or AWOL leaders for so ling. Eventually everything falls apart. Any one with a decent IQ is too smart to presume to lead a country. I see the here in Canada. The First Nations people have made a very basic request but the Prime Minister just dilly rallies. Cuz he’s been speaking with a forked tongue as the indigenous people call it and so he doesn’t know which way to turn.
    So welcome to the club.

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    1. We’ve got Ben Carson, a sleepy doctor, in charge of Housing & Development; Betsy Duvos, a business woman who sent her kids to private school, is the Secretary of (public) Education; and Mike Pence, weirdly puritanical do nothing (VP), is now the Health Czar. The lunatics are running the asylum!!

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      1. Riiight??!!?? Just an iota of all the crap dotard has done. If the virus takes off here, his decisions will be largely to blame.

        I feel confident that peeps at the CDC will defy him if something is important for the public to know.

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      2. As does (t)Rump. He has repeatedly stated he knows better than intelligence agencies and scientists. The latest is that coronavirus fear is being caused by fake news and democrats.

        But, to his credit, I heard that people stopped drinking Corona beer because corona-virus. I don’t like Mexican beer but, c’mon!!!

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  8. Yup… when is your time- it’s your time. Hands kinda tied with this.

    I know my son said the same thing about the mortality rate but is that because it has not fully gone global yet?

    I agree can’t really worry… if happens is nothing you can do.

    It will be ok… it’s gonna probably be bad… but modern science is pretty amazing – so hopefully they fast getting it out…

    I just read the news on the California and Oregon people… here in Northern California – the woman in Solano County had contact with 93 people who were asked to self quarantine and some are showing symptoms

    So it’s in my area now

    Feels like I am discussing a Hollywood movie or something

    My kids were joking about some app called pandemic? Game where you try to infect the world with a virus … and they said was banned in China now


  9. I think that School Minister is going to find that all, or almost all parents will do the same as you, and use their own best judgment when it comes to whether or not to send their kids to school. He can declare the schools open, but if nobody shows up, he’s talking to air. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Awwww … the squirrel is such a cutey! And quite chubby for this time of year … you must have been feeding him well! Love the picture of him with the pancake!!!

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      1. No, nor with me. Where in the Sam Heck is the common sense??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hear your PM is soon to be a daddy … perhaps that will wake him to the concerns of the safety of children?

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  10. We are from the antipodes.New Zealand. We enjoy your posts! My partner live in the US for a while
    He loved the squirrels. We have almost no wildlife here other than birds..that’s a great story!
    Thank you!

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      1. Yes we are spoiled! Rex’s daughter and children are living in Fareham, Kent for a year or two so we will be over for two or three months in August. We both love Britain!

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      2. I have a photo of me jet skiing right in front of Cathedral Cove! Cant figure how to put it up though! Naomi and I have just come back from the Coromandel Peninsula! We’re trying to find a modest beach house up near Whitianga which is just north of the Cove. Its It’s just beautiful…but we don’t have $1.5 million!

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