Spring must have arrived as the Rowan Tree has sprung into life.

My partner loved these plants. She thought every garden should have at least one in a prime location. We had a beautiful one next to the front door. Poignantly it died the winter just before our partner left us. It’s taken a few years to grow a replacement but now she would be pleased again.

These days the replacement is in a large pot in the back garden. Now that’s my running is restricted to endless circuits of our little garden the tree forms a helpful obstacle to run round. On my last epic run I rather sadly counted how many times I passed the little tree. 213 times….. Yes I can count that far.

So according to the Rowan Tree and the daffodils it is Spring. Can someone tell the weather. It’s freezing. Even the bird bath is frozen every morning. This means the path is icy. That explains my latest fashion statement. My son looked at me with one of those Paddington Bear stares, shock his head and sighed.

Dad in most cases the human species has been evolving for millions of years. Clearly there are one or two exceptions to that.”

I had just finished my early morning workout and has decided to feed the birds. On my way to the bird table I slipped on the icy pavement. When I say slipped I mean a full ‘arse over tit’ moment. Most of the bird seed, bread crumbs, surplus rice and water landed on my very large head. It was a fetching look especially when it was merged with a white T-shirt and pink compression leggings.

Don’t you bloody love Spring.

While on the subject of Spring let’s seamlessly transition into our weekly fix of terrible poetry in the form of Chelsea Owens weekly challenge. This week Chelsea has set the following task

  1. The Topic is Springtime -or Autumntime if you’re South. You can haiku, limerick, free verse, acrostic, tanka, cinquain, sonnet
  2. Length is wholly dependent on the type of poem you write. If you go with an epic ballad, please cut things off before page 54.
  3. Rhyming also depends on your creation.
  4. The goal is to make it terrible. Mother Earth must rise from her seasonal slumber to smack you with an olive branch of peace.
  5. Keep the Rating at PG or cleaner.

You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (April 3) to submit a poem to Chelsea.

It’s Springtime in Yorkshire

The Sun is still on vacation

Still waiting for it to be a scorcher

Oh the pigging frustration

The path is covered in ice

And I’ve just landed on my bum

Now I’m wearing last nights rice

And I feel a right dumb dumb

The washing on the line is frozen rock solid

The gale force wind screams over the barren field

The weeds and broken branches makes it look so squalid

The poor garden birds hide in the bushes seeking any decent shield

So Springtime is here which means dust down the garden chair

Now I’m off inside to find my extra thick thermal underwear

68 thoughts on “Spring

      1. I’m sure. We need stuff like that happening right now. A belly laugh does wonders for the soul. I think I’m going to focus on some fun stuff for my boys today. It’s much needed

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      2. Jesus! It would be nice to have a break. Do some learning in a fun way that isn’t curriculum based and doesn’t have to be geared to exams!! My two are fed up sitting there being bored to tears

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I suspect it must be mine. I had thought the main spam checker had listed me. It can do that when you use a bad word in a comment. So was thinking my comments was going to spam. But then some are working. Just don’t know at the moment. I’ve emailed the main WP spam filter.

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  1. I think Spring has decided to visit us. We have overcast mornings but the sun peeps out around noon. It’s a bit cool, mid 60s instead of 70s but I’ll take it. At least it finally stopped raining.

    I know you’re trying to keep Son smiling, but clearly he’s not impressed with your slapstick pratfalls.😉 I know you *meant* to do that, right?!

    And once again, the poetry isn’t even close to terrible…tsk tsk tsk😂😂💌

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  2. Your son always gets a laugh from me. You really are having a rough go of things! That’s quite enough now. I’m sure you must be thinking the same thing. I didn’t imagine my daffodil daydreams so icy. 😕

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      1. So true. I really hope your days will become less painful both physically and mentally. You have certainly had a lot of slips and mishaps. As amusingly as you word these things, I definitely feel for ya.

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      1. It hurts! I ran 5 miles today. I have a sore shoulder too – so I am torn between lifting and having a sore shoulder at night, or running and icing my foot. Gotta do something though or mentally I am a mess!
        I didn’t do todays class, but here it is. Also, these are the workouts for the month. So on Monday it will be the same as it was on Monday this week, Tuesday the same, etc. Looks like a good one today! I may just do it one my own with lighter weights for a shorter period of time.
        -Plank x 30s
        -Bridge x 30s
        -Shoulder dislocates x 30


        Specific Warmup
        -15 Pull-aparts
        -15 dislocates
        -15 bridges with floor presses or HOLDS x 15s
        -15 bent over rows

        A. 20 bent over rows then 18, 16, 14 — >2
        B. 10 squats
        C. Plank w shoulder taps x5 l/r or one arm plank holds x30s

        Level 2:
        Get-up then
        5 snatches
        5 swings
        1 clean
        5 squats
        Get down
        Other side… repeat

        Level 1:
        1 get-up
        5 single arm deadlifts
        Cheat clean (rack position)
        5 squats
        Other side


      2. Again I can’t thank you enough for this. Today’s was a good one. One of those that you finish and decide to just collapse in a heap for 10 minutes. I have shoulder trouble on and off. Only thing that works is that when it hurts, the next workout I stick to half the exercise extensions. Still get a bit of a workout. The foot must be so frustrating, could it be your shoe, I remember you were saying the new pair was tight. Look after yourself.

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      3. Seems to hurt in all shoes. I even got a new pair as a Christmas present and it still hurts. Stupid foot. Yeah, this past week I have stuck to do deadlifts instead of swinging. And lighter floor presses than I am used to. Seems to be a bit better, but still sore when I move it certain ways. Like combing my hair. Just trying to give it some time!

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  3. I freaking love this – once again I am sitting here in a fit of giggles. This is so awesome, and gave me a much needed shot in the arm (specifically the funny bone). I do love your sense of humor – and your son’s as well. You really have to gather all these posts into a book – it would be a best seller. Thanks so much once again.

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