The kindly local farmer has been most busy this year. Much needed light amongst the darkness. The Care Bear is well off the path so is maintaining at least 4m of social distancing. That’s a good idea as it was windy.

On the dog walk this morning we saw a number of cyclists and runners on the distant country lane. They were all trying to observe the new social distancing advice. All seemed to be keeping the 2m recommended separation. But is it enough. I was reading an article by a leading virus expert. He said that the 2m separation was a great idea but it was based on quiet air conditions with people either stood still or walking. If the air is turbulent or it’s windy then the safe separation distance should be increased. If you are running then the safe distance behind you (in the wake) needs to be increased by up to 10m. For cycling the safe distance behind is upwards of 20m. Sadly every single person running or cycling was sticking to 2m. So much confusion. So many different expert views. Deep sigh.

One of the great Easter traditions has been performed yet again this morning. Dad forgetting where he hid the Chocolate Eggs in the garden. Followed by

That’s a great egg. Thank you Dad. Is that the last one?”

Slightly puzzled look from Dad….

You do this every year. You can’t remember how many you hid can you?”

Yes it’s only a small number. I couldn’t be sure if it was three of four eggs. Was it five.

Well I’ve found three eggs. That’s a great number but I’d better keep looking. Just in case.”

Good job as 10 minutes later we found the fourth behind the oil tank. I should have realised that when I bought them in February they were on offer, buy one get one free. So why would I just get three…… I will say it before our Son chips in with it.


Last year I did the same. Only realised that we had missed an egg when a few months later I found it while cutting the hedge. Then the year before was a spooky one. We had cleared the garden of eggs then when we woke up the next day we found another egg on top of the sundial. I definitely didn’t put it there and it was that obvious we surely couldn’t have both missed it. Bizarrely it was a brand I can’t remember ever buying. The Easter Bunny must have brought that one overnight.

Well I hope the Easter Bunny calls again tonight. This time for me…

After Christmas I went back onto my gluten and dairy free diet. This makes Easter difficult. So I thought that I would treat myself to a dairy free egg. Unfortunately they have been out of stock in our local shops. I guess it’s because they are not seen as an essential item. Just before Home Deliveries became unavailable I managed to add a suitable egg to the delivery list. Job done for Easter. Sadly not. When the delivery arrived the egg had been substituted to the closet available alternative. A packet of gluten free cornflakes. So as people took into their eggs think of me with my bowl of cornflakes. That’s a dry bowl of cornflakes as milk alternatives are also out of stock. But hope exists. Tonight we move to plan b. Cornflakes with gluten free pineapple jelly. The jelly was sent as a substitute for gluten free gravy….

Try to keep smiling everyone.

84 thoughts on “Care Bear

  1. Cornflakes and pineapple jelly…as substitutions?
    They’re just chucking things at you.🙄
    If I was anywhere near close enough, I’d play Easter Bunny and leave you some dark chocolate on the sundial. You deserve a treat too!

    The ex and I used to hide the colored hardboiled eggs around the house, and forget where we hid them. Every year, there was always the great hunt for that last egg. Usually it’s very warm at Easter and having an egg sit in the heat, in the house, was a scary idea.

    I like the Take Care Bear. Is that where the biscuit eating sheep live?

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  2. Lol… i prefer my cereal without milk. I eat it as a snack.

    I put out 5 glitter eggs last night. I only remember the location of 3. From my kitchen window I could see one was gone. I have no idea about the others.

    When I hid plastic eggs for the neighbor kids, I wisely kept notes so I tell parents whether they found all of them.

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  3. I quite like dry cornflakes. Prefer chocolate though. I’m employing social distancing when I go running by getting up stupidly early when no-one else is around. This is partly driven by a desire to social distance and partly because I’m really bad at running and it’s better for my self-esteem if no-one else can see me.

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  4. We always forget where the eggs are hidden as well. Generally we manage to remember how many were hidden (and we always know that the total number of eggs has to be divisible by three) so we keep the boys looking until they are all found.

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  5. Oh I laughed when I read this. The crushing disappointment of cornflakes as a substitute for a chocolate Easter egg! Someone was behind that little joke I’m sure. Like you I have forgotten how many eggs I’ve hidden in numerous occasions. I also do the same with Christmas presents. I buy them and hide them quickly out of the way of prying eyes. Then find them again 6 months later. It’s Christmas for a very long time in this house!! We’ve even found leeks in the microwave a week after Xmas day. Lemon juice and salt, ready for steaming. Just slipped my mind they were there … for a week!

    I ❤️ the bear by the way. So cute. X

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      1. That’s reminded me of a long lost memory. At Uni had one of those nights and ended up sleeping on the floor of a good friends house. I can vaguely remember buying some fish from a dodgy chap in a pub selling very cheap ‘so called freshly caught’ products. I must have put it under the guys bed for safe keeping AND forgot. His girlfriend then started moaning over the next couple of days about his increasingly smelly feet. Days later he found it when his room became unbearable. OOps….

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  6. I’m glad people in your corner of Yorkshire are trying to observe social distancing. Unfortunately, many people in my corner seem to be playing the game of “chicken” to see who will socially distance first! Why did the chicken cross the road? To socially distance! Sorry, that was a terrible dad joke!

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  7. I like the take care bear – what a cute idea! I agree with you on the different opinions and who is deciding to follow what advice. At our stores now everyone has taken to wearing masks, but now no one is wearing gloves. Are they still wash wash washing their hands? Or is the focus just on masks?
    We used to have a big old beagle named Louie. Once I hid hard boiled eggs throughout the house the night before Easter so the kids could come down and hunt. I was sitting in the kitchen wondering what the crunching sound was I was hearing only to realize the big old beagle was eating hard boiled eggs. I miss my Louie 🙂 Silly dog.

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  8. Yeah what packers think as suitable substitutions can be very bizarre!
    The 2m social distance rule never sat well with me. It ought to be at least twice that. I’m braving leaving our house tomorrow to go buy meds and trialling the face mask I just sewed. Should help at least a little.


  9. Why are you on a gluten and dairy free diet? I can’t have gluten because it’s one of the things that triggers an auto-immune response in me. This leads to depression. I have boughts of depression anyways, but not nearly as much as I would experience if I were to consume gluten.

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    1. Basically two reasons. One is that I suffer from IBS and I keep looking for a magic bullet. The second was fitness. A number of top athletes have transformed there energy levels by dropping both. The tennis player Djokovic says it’s the best thing he did. x


      1. Have you tried (or heard of) a Low fodmaps diet? It’s supposed to help with IBS. Good to know about the fitness element. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped me with energy, but I have other things working against me there. I keep trying things anyways. I need to start adusting my diet again, and I’m hoping that I can start to get some exercise again. Winter kind of knocked me out, but more sunshine should help to pick me up some.

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      2. It’s never really worked. Most of my problems start with stress which then mix with certain foods. Sone foods are fine but then stress kicks in and they become dynamite. I really hope you start some exercise. That’s the single best change. x

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      3. Yes, I agree. I love to exercise. It just doesn’t happen when I have no steam. 😕 Things usually pick up for me in the spring and summer, but last year my fatigue didn’t let up much. I think it was all the rain we had, and then we discovered white mold in our suite. I’m sure that couldn’t have helped much already having health issues. Thankfully, this year has been very dry. My hopes are high, and I’ve already started to get going on that exercise. Hopefully I can keep going. It’s really frustrating when you’re doing well, and then you get knocked down by fatigue again!

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      4. For exercise I have these walking workout videos. I also try to get out for walks as often as possible and I like to use weights. That’s about my limit with my energy level as it is. I hadn’t used weights for quite a while. I did two days in a row and my arms were so sore yesterday. But it’s a good sore. My arms got too soft over the Winter because I was so sedatary. I hate soft arms! The rest of the world can have their soft arms if they like, but I hate how it feels.

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      5. Yes, alternate days would probably be good. I don’t have the best tolerance to exercise as it is. I can burn myself out fast if I do too much. But I’m stubborn. My mind says, “Let’s go for it.” But my body says, “What are you doing to me, women? Oh you think so? Nu uh.” Then my energy crashes. So I still have to learn my limits and how to pace myself.

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  10. I really love your farmers care bear ❤️ I love people who do stuff like that!

    As a kid we always forgot how many eggs we hid… so now I count them before I hide them lol – it works … sometimes … only doesn’t work when the hider can not remember where the hiding spot was lol

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      1. Well at least is outside… so if do miss some – you don’t have to worry about the ants coming “inside” for their picnic.

        … hopefully you got em all – otherwise little treasures for a possible future discovery lol

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  11. ha! This sounds so fun! Nothing like a surprise chocolate egg! I am a believer in signs. Have you ever thought that the random egg was a message from your wife. Spirit shows itself in mysterious ways. Just a thought. Blessings!


  12. Oh that would have really been unpleasant. I can only imagine if Id been waiting for something and got cornflakes! NOT ON! Love your local farmer. Here in Australia the distance is 1.6m so yours is at least further apart than us. But so many people disregarding it and self isolating. sigh. I love you can not recall where and how many eggs you put out. LOve it

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