Ok social distancing may have gone out of the window in my country but really. In the farmers field as well. Boris Johnson wants to go for the herd immunity approach. Well here it clearly is in operation.

Spain have deemed it’s not safe to open schools up until September. On Monday Boris Johnson is trying to force some English schools to open. According to him – it’s safe. According to an increasing number of the scientists who advise him – it is not.

Over the last three days Spain has has 3 Covid related deaths. The UK has had over a 1000 covid deaths in the same period. Let’s put that further into perspective. The UK total covid deaths yesterday was more than the combined numbers across most of Europe. Adding together the covid related deaths in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland and Poland and the number is still much lower than here in the UK. This is a virus which has not yet been contained. Yet our Government tells a different story.

Johnson is not fit to lead. He is not my PM. I will ignore him and we will chart our own course. This is one household where schools are most certainly NOT reopening in June….

Many other people are now completely ignoring this shambolic government. People are making their own rules up.

  • When to go out and when to stay in.
  • If they use a face mask (if ever) and what type of mask to use.
  • How close to stand next to someone.
  • To self isolate or not. What symptoms to look for and what symptoms to ignore.
  • When to go to work and when not to.
  • When to stockpile and when not to.
  • Whether they limit travel or are free to travel as far as they like.
  • To use the incomplete contract tracing system or not.
  • Using public transport or not.
  • To go to a packed beach or not.
  • And yes to send kids back to school or not.

I can’t blame people for doing this. I’m doing it. That’s what people do when you give clowns and charlatans the keys to power. My worry is this

Yes many will be cautious and act responsibly. But how many will be reckless and endanger the wider population. From the photos and videos the answer appears to be – far too many.

87 thoughts on “Herd Immunity

  1. That’s so stupid. Every country needs to make their own decisions due to their specific situation. You cannot open up only because any other country does… oh, well…

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  2. Once again, I’m very happy the our Governor and the Orange Idjit are at odds. I’d be afraid to live in a state ruled by one of his sycophant buddies.
    California went into lockdown before UK and just recently opened parks & beaches for exercising. No sitting, no stopping, no socializing.
    June 1 they’re going to allow more businesses to open for curbside pickup, socializing with family or friends at a distance. Taking it slow and watching the numbers.

    I can just imagine Boris & the Orange Idjit in the field trying to tip those poor cows🙄💌

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  3. I’m with you Gary.
    TPTB are shitting bricks because the economy is failing, unemployment is due to rocket, and they’ve suddenly realised that once again they can’t make good on their promises for funding as they have no idea how they are going to find the money in the first place.

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  4. Thankfully there are many in all our countries who agree with your enlightened approach. I am beyond appalled at some leadership, including Boris and Trump. How did our world get this way? Through greed? Methinks through lies. 😥

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  5. Erika’s right but surely slow and steady with clear rules is the way to go. In France people have by and large toed the line, acting responsibly, sensibly, observing protocols and showing consideration for others. We’re enjoying a gorgeously, sunny bank holiday weekend and we’re not supposed to sit on the beach until Tuesday, but those that were on the beach today were in small, family groups religiously observing social distancing.

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  6. Tough decisions. To open or not to open. My state (I’m in Virginia) chose to reopen statewide yesterday, while the spread is just as hot as a month or two ago. I guess we are adjusting to the new reality, now we all have our masks on, except for the President :). The CDC released new data, to justify the reopening I think, at least I believe is being pushed from the White House to do so. It comes down to youself, do you feel safe to go outside.

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  7. In Canada the Premier of Quebec has done much the same things and big surprise the number of cases went up there. Why do such leaders possess not one lick of common sense? Unfortunately it’s a case of every person for themselves. Equally unfortunate is the large number of people who simply don’t care about the common good.

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      1. We have two new cases here after several days of none. So many unknowns, that’s the kicker. And yes, I worry about that second wave as well, being as the Spanish flu killed more people in the second wave than the first. Yikes!

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  8. In my area of Pennsylvania I’m growing frustrated by the number of people who are wearing masks in public just over their mouths, not their noses. I’m not sure if they’re that ignorant or if it’s their way of “following the rules”.

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  9. As I watch George Floyd riots* break out all over the US, I wonder how much more virus spread is occurring.

    *watching the active rioting in LA, it is abundantly obvious that a very large amount of the rioters aren’t there to protest police lawlessness but, rather, let out pent up energy and participate in group violence. Many are posing for pics with burnt vehicles or dancing in the street.

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      1. Yeah. One of the events that made the news a week ago was a huuuge pool party where people were shoulder to shoulder and not masked. Now someone who was at the event has tested positive.

        I woke up and got worried due to having a sore throat, 2 days after getting too close to neighbors. But not only is it not a symptom, I slept with a fan blowing on me all night… that’s what caused it.

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      2. It’s definitely not good! But also not as bad as it looks. A lot of people went out to help clean up damage in the Fairfax district this morning.

        Today’s looting has moved to Santa Monica. There’s a “peaceful protest” taking place 2 miles from me right now. But they all start as peaceful protests. This one will definitely turn into looting too.

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      3. It was a stunning night. Will be interesting to see if it slows due to being a week day. I think is the Bev Hills business district (aka Rodeo Dr) that’s got 1pm curfew.

        I just woke up (10am), haven’t seen today’s updates. Might see some for myself running an errand later… or might just stay home.

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  10. Here in Finland the elementary schools were open for the past two weeks. They say that there were no increase of infections. But we don’t know yet for sure, do we.

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  11. We are at mercy. What can you do? Governments have proved they can’t handle, and you can’t control people… we are at mercy

    So it’s rough

    We are over here imploding every which way anyway 💔

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  12. I completely agree. That doesn’t make sense. I think June 4th is the day my state is going to be moving to the yellow phase and more things will be opening. We aren’t going to change anything we are doing. We are just going to sit here and watch the numbers, probably well after we move to green as well.

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  13. Are you sure that Boris & Donnie don’t have some shared DNA somewhere along the line? Who knew there were two such fools … and worse yet, that there were enough people to vote for those fools! Sigh. xx

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  14. The problem for me is that we still don’t know why different countries have had such different results from the virus. Some countries didn’t shut down but had fewer deaths than the UK, so it isn’t just that.

    However, it’s clear that we are going back too soon – driven by a desire to stop paying us to stay at home.Scientists and politicians are falling out and the whole thing is a mess.

    I will be going to work but we will be sticking to our lockdown procedures as much as possible – shopping on the internet and not going out socially.

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      1. There’s something about the words “clear national plan” that made me smile wistfully. With Northern Ireland, Scotland, Dominic Cummings and Wales all doing their own thing I think the “national” is long gone whilst Boris’s spluttering half-baked sound bites don’t give me much hope for the the “clear” and the “plan”. It’s over to bloggers to do the right thing now.

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