Wild strawberries get everywhere. Now they have found a way into the large tub which contains the old blueberry bush. This raises one of the great life mysteries. Wild strawberries are cropping up all over the garden. Even on the stone drive. Yet I find it impossible to grow them when and where I want them to. Nothing ever happens with my strawberry seeds. Most frustrating….

So officially no work until September at the earliest now. I guess it gives me more time to tend my strawberries. But we are SO fortunate compared to many others. We have beautiful memories. We have a nice (if slightly chaotic) garden with a lovely view. We are relatively secluded. Son can feel safe here. We can scrape by and pay the bills. We can still have fun and enjoy life. Yes another 3 months of this self contained world can at times seem a claustrophobic thought. But that thought is there only if I let it exist. In reality I’m losing a few brief encounters, some knee jarring runs and an occasional trip out. Counter to that – Son is gaining a feeling of security. For that security I can more than cope with a few inconveniences. Everyday we still have the ability to create memories and live out our dreams. Maybe not my frequent night dreams featuring talking cows and dinosaurs. But you know what I mean.

So let’s be thankful for what we have. Let’s use what we have. Let’s remember to live.

Let’s take the time to watch the wild berries grow…

The other thing about the wild strawberries is that they don’t last long. The are stripped bare by our frequent garden visitors. That’s fine with me. I guess they were the ones who brought the seeds here in the first place. So they grew them, so why not let them enjoy the rewards. And the answer to the great life mystery. I should leave the gardening to the experts. The wildlife. Having said that – they don’t seem very willing to cut the lawn.

75 thoughts on “Not my berries

    1. It was a reasonable use of them … A sort of really reasonable use …. Seriously, very creamy and all but pretty delish. Alternatively I guess you could melt white chocolate, add them..mash up some shortie and set it with syrup and butter and make some very reasonable squares.

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  1. I have the same experience with wild strawberries in my garden. They grow where ever I don’t want them to grow. So what do I do? Well, I try to move them where I want them and the result is … no wild strawberries, at least not where I planted them. But in other places they keep coming. So I do as you, leave them for the birds …

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  2. There was a place in Washington where you could rent goats to come and mow your grass. I never investigated the cost but I liked the idea. Of course I would have wanted to keep the goats. We currently have the opposite of what you are experiencing…drought…perhaps not officially, but many days without water and that is keeping the grass down and brown.

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      1. haha. It was, but he couldn’t see that and it took him months to get over the shock. I’m not sure if it was the loss of the alarms or the loss of money buying them.


  3. You have a wonderful outlook on things. Your priorities—your son and enjoying each day—are right on during this season of your life. 💕

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  4. Strawberries…yum! We planted strawberries under our blueberry bush back when we had the BIG garden. I would harvest and freeze the berries that the critters left for me and make a Berry Pie when I had enough.
    Now I want Berry Pie 🙄
    I agree, it’s always better to list the positives. Good practice for when they’re fewer and harder to find!💌

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  5. I love a good straweberry – but not the wild ones that take over my garden. They just spread everywhere and only produce the tiniest of things. Although, now I am starting to think the berries may have been bigger and enjoyed by a little bun bun bunny.

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  6. Sorry about the work situation. I’m glad you have your imagination and dreams thought. They often help me on the tough days. I’ve never grown a strawberry in my life, not purposefully or by accident. I love strawberries though. An essential part of a picnic I think.

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  7. We have strawberries, too: 1 wild plant and 2 normal. They taste so good that I would happily never have another supermarket strawberry again, if it meant I could have just a couple of home-grown ones a year. So far our plants have yielded maybe ten strawberries in total, and our best harvest has been four in one day, but we really enjoyed and savoured those four.

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  8. Oh wow!!! You are sooo lucky!!! I love strawberries 🍓 ❤️❤️❤️ … do you eat the wild ones?

    I am still hoping I can make mine survive but it is the hardest thing ever!!! And they take literally forever lol

    Also… I just watched this viral video about washing strawberries – and that is why I stay away from the internet lol

    But absolutely – cherish every moment and every thing you have! Sound advice!

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      1. I bet they are sweet 🍓

        My great grandmother used to take me for walks in the backwoods of Maine when I was REALLY little… she would be looking for mushrooms 🍄… 😮😝 she knew which ones were good and which ones were bad

        Also same with berries … we would find definitely blueberries 🔵 and I think blackberries? Maybe raspberries?

        She would just let me eat them lol … but when with my parents – oh don’t do that – they could be poisonous lol… whatever – I trusted her – I did not die 😄😘✌️ they were yummy lol very juicy and sweet

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      2. What? 😮😮😮 … dude! If you ever visit America and really like pumpkin 🎃… come in Fall lol

        You will be inundated with nothing but pumpkin!! There is pumpkin coffee and pumpkin everything you can imagine!!

        Yeah you want pumpkin – come in fall 😄😄 – totally not even slightly kidding lol ✌️😄

        Pumpkin is a serious thing here in fall lol 😄🎃

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      3. 😮😮😮 I am in shock with hearing this!! Wow!! I can’t even imagine that!

        A world without pumpkin 😮 that’s crazy – thought it was a thing

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      4. I just had no idea 😮 never stopped to think of not having pumpkin 😮

        They are really easy to grow here … during the fall harvest that is a huge thing!!

        Pumpkin patches oh wow… have you not experienced this?? 😮

        Now I want to show you pumpkin lol ✌️

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      5. Like totally mind blowing… texture is soft, with a slight orange tint, from the pumpkin… they are so soft and delicious…

        It’s like a chocolate chip cookie but with a hint of pumpkin … so you take a bite and it’s soft and almost cake like but not totally, and then the chocolate chips and pumpkin are such a compliment together

        My sister in law always makes me make a Pumpkin Roll… which is cake like made in a sheet… spread with a sweet cream cheese mixture – and then rolled up… I hate making it because I hate the rolling! It comes out good, I just don’t like the rolling part of that recipe lol – you have to be completely spot on so it works right… or looks like a kindergartener did it lol

        She’s tried to do it and can’t – so she makes me 😄✌️

        She is obsessed with pumpkin stuff come fall!! All about the pumpkin for her! Lol


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