A few hours ago talked about a Yorkshire White Rose which has a connection with my partner. I said that it would become even more beautiful. Well here’s the proof.

This little bush produces the most stunning roses. The sadness is my partner never really got to see them. But they are such a beautiful tribute to her. That’s such a nice thought.

Take care everyone and remember to live. It’s can still be a wonderful life.

65 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Rose

      1. Wonderful! Not all roses smell. I have planted some new roses and they fit the smell you described here. Now I am having an even completed picture of your beautiful rose!

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      2. I am living in our house for 19 years and the garden went through a lot of developments. The way it looks today is a development of 2 years. I will post some pictures later this summer. We remodeled the garden more or less completely.

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      3. Definitely smiling! So, we are joining the little heatwave but I hope it will last longer than only three days since we have planned a big birthday party on Saturday!

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  1. Looks like a perfect place for a bumbley bee or flutterby to stop and rest, have a little nosh…

    I’ve never seen a rose open so flat like that. Is that how all Yorshire Roses are? Not just the white color but the way they open? It’s beautiful…
    Like shy at first then completely inviting.💌

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