Rain, rain, rain.

Chucking it down.

Raining cats and dogs.

Hammering it down.

Siling down.

Bucketing down.


Nice weather for ducks.

I think we are moving from weather for ducks to weather for fish. It’s a good job we are on top of a little hill. Any lower down and we might be considering a life raft.

“Dad what are you doing?”

Listening to the rain.


Because it’s almost hypnotic. It’s kinda nice.

The only reason I would listen to the rain is to workout when it’s stopped…. Dad Ive got a little question….”

He does have a point with listening to the rain. That last line is his favourite saying. He is always asking questions. Dozens and dozens every hour. When he says a little question he really means one question followed quickly by a bombardment of another 30 questions. Random questions to me but completely linked to his way of thinking. Often it seems like the same question but in fact each question is subtly different. Questions followed by a chance to demonstrate his Dads rather sketchy knowledge in these areas. Then a chance for son to instruct his Dad. This happens always in the garden, every day. If it’s raining then on go the coats.

Today it was three hours of football and fantasy world related questions. Looking at player stats, team records, form, tactics and formations. Intertwined with questions about characters, storylines, plot arcs and new worlds. Yesterday it was 4 hours of questions about politics and history.

Over time the daily fact and knowledge bombardment can tire my mind. Lack of sleep doesn’t help. Two parents allowed some time to share the questioning. A time to rest the mind. But it is what it is. Constantly walking about and hot drinks keep me going. But here’s the key thing to remember. It’s an absolute privilege to be granted this time with our son. To be welcomed into his world. A beautiful world which is more pure than ours. It’s what life is all about. So yes it can sometimes feel like it’s wearing me down BUT I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

94 thoughts on “Rain…

  1. I can only confirm how exhausting the questions of a child can be. Most of all my middle son was asking me to the ground. Simple answers (avoiding complex explanations because he was only 3 or 4 years old) didn’t work. He was so smart, he noticed that there is something missing to make the whole explanation work.
    Now, I can only imagine how exhausting it can be when your son starts his question marathon. He is smart, looks close, and is very focused… and you need to find ways to explain things fitting him. I bet, you learned so much that way!

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      1. Yes, this makes sense. There is so much spinning inside of you and so much weighing on you. It is actually the more important to find enough sleep but it is understandable that it is not that easy!

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      2. But be patient with yourself. Sometimes the biggest hurdle is the mind putting pressure on you to find a solution or cure. Also don’t try too much at the same time. Your body and mind are already spinning. Most important is to fill yourself with positive and empowering thoughts… for example meditation combined with soothing teas.

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      3. I know what you mean. But that is right the reason and the proof how necessary it is that you find some silence in our mind. It needs practice. The best way to start (or continue forever… lol) is a guided meditation. You can find lots of good ones on YouTube!


  2. I wouldn’t trade either.🥰 We’ll miss this exhaustion when they’ve moved on and expanded their worlds.

    If you figure out how to get some alertness, please share. I think I’ve become immune to caffeine 😕 I’m still gonna drink the coffee cuz I love the taste, but it doesn’t wake me up anymore☹

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  3. I love to hear the rain too… it is hypnotic ❤️

    Lol on the questions 😄 … questions are good! I ask a lot of questions too… is just to get an understanding and reinforce thoughts

    I am quieter now though – I still question with some stuff … stuff I need a grasp on.

    And when I get asked questions … I am always delighted to share my insight lol 😄✌️ … here sonny – pull up a chair lol kidding … maybe 😘

    I have fun with questions sometimes – but I love them – life is questions

    And yes – silence is a thing too ✌️ understand the tiring of the mind also.

    You are pretty strong. I think you can survive that chucking hammering rain lol ✌️

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      1. Hahaha… I had to google that word lol … “mafting” Lol

        You are funny… you don’t like being all sweaty with a little sweat dripping off your brow? Lol

        I suppose it is annoying sometimes lol … when it’s like an oven here! Lol … I’m not a big fan of being cooked … the older I get the more “mafting” it is lol yay! A new word!! ✌️

        I kinda like heat sometimes – cause I like cute clothes lol 😄✌️… yeah I like warmth lol

        I remember New England winters 😳🥶

        But I also say that now before the big M …so ya know people change lol 😄✌️

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      2. So it’s a common word ? But no one really uses it and yet everyone knows what it means? Huh… you have me completely perplexed lol

        That would be incredible to see! I can’t even imagine!! Oh my god! It would be brilliant

        And everyone with an accent lol … that would be crazy… and then to see your flag all over the place, not mine lol… but I will know all your words from your training ❤️ lol

        I love new words – keep them coming – I like your words … so cool! ✌️

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      3. I would love that!!! Yay!! 👏

        Ugh money again lol… it is my theme this week!

        Brass talks ✌️

        I am trying not to be
        Bras”sick” lol … I see why that works lol ✌️

        Yours is the pound right?

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      4. Funny how temperatures and “brass” type things are somewhat similar – ish – but also drastically different!

        That is interesting and cool

        So I have what?
        Chucking ❤️ probably my favorite yet!! Totally incorporating that one!!

        And then I have… sweater or jumper ?? That one hits me strangely?? But my climate is warmer so probably why.

        And now brass … I don’t know if I will use that one… it reminds me of an instrument 🎷 … Brass … it’s a whole section lol

        I would say the American slang I would use for money would be dough? Or cash, or bucks? Samoleons if I am being weird lol

        Am I missing any words that we have gone over?

        This is awesome! I like this!

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      5. That’s funny …

        I have NEVER had rice pudding 😄… I have heard of it, I think some people do it here, maybe during Christmas ?

        But I’ve never had it and never looked it up – nothing lol… but that is because I think of rice 🍚, and then adding that to pudding 😝

        I don’t know how that would go 😄… so I do not know your rice pudding at all lol

        I know tapioca … that’s ok, my dad liked that… I do not typically like “things” in my pudding 😄✌️

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      6. Yeah I hear some stories about you English people lol (totally teasing you lol)

        I know you like rice pudding… I know you call cookies 🍪 “biscuits” lol .. which kills me lol…

        And don’t you also call French fries “chips” lol … fish and chips lol… that messed me up as a child lol these are not chips lol – these are French fries lol

        I hear stories lol I have a English elderly woman who I love sooo much… I don’t really ask too much about England … but I love her words lol …

        I love the way she talks, and she’s hilarious!! Oh my god! The woman says anything she wants and sometimes hearing her words you think she is 20! Very young spirit – love that!! She is very funny.

        Anyway… so yeah you are a new thing lol I am learning ✌️😄

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      7. Lol… oatmeal cookies? Ahh ok… But chocolate chip cookies are biscuits? 🍪

        That’s so crazy. Biscuits to me are like rolls kind of? Ya know, biscuits and gravy mmm yum!!

        So weird and funny – you are soooooo similar, yet you have a different world!! So nuts! Love the different words. I am so fascinated!

        I have some different words than these California people… “in some areas” …

        Pissah – means awesome
        Wicked – means cool
        Bang a uey- means to make a U-turn
        (I’m sure there are others but I cant think of them currently)

        Isn’t a lot different between East and west and depends on the state you are influenced by. For the most part, is universal .. but just slight differences from different areas of country.

        Across the pond though – it’s a whole new world!!!

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  4. Yes, our kids can exhaust us with questions, but all too soon the questions stop and we have more time on our hands to wish these days back again. You have an awesome attitude, Gary. I always found I learned as much (often more) than my kids did through the endless questions. LOL

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      1. yeah…it was nearly midsummer night too so I just pretended it was and lit candles and stuff. When i did up all that loggia, got it reroofed and everything I had not considered the dreadfulness of our weather here BUT finally FINALLY, all things came to those who had waited.

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  5. I agree – I hear, “Mom, I’ve got a question” or “Mom, I have to tell you something” so many times a day that the questions or statements do fall like the pitter-patter of rain. But I do love hearing them!

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  6. I was going to say no fair when you mentioned the sound of the rain, but instead I will say I know for certain now which of my poems I’m going to share on Wednesday. It’s been chucking it down here quite a bit too, but I do like the sound of the rain.

    Questions are good. An inquisitive mind is very good.

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    1. It’s stopped Chucking it down and it’s sunny. We have a 3 day heat wave. We might even hit 80 then the rain returns for the weekend. He loves constantly expanding his mind which is a wonderful thing. Love to read your poem on Wednesday.


      1. We have a mix of sun and cloud this week, but it’s been really warm today. Oddly, Wednesday is the only day that rain is predicted. That would be really wierd if it rains the day I post my poem about rain.

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