Another moody Yorkshire summer afternoon. Everyday it’s such a blessing to wake to this view. No wonder my partner fell in love with this house within seconds. And as ever she was on the right side of the conversation. The ‘needs work’ line was a little weak. Actually it still needs work but that view is still here. Tell me what’s more important.

Looking back my line about ‘needs work’ was more about avoiding change. Sticking with what we had. Avoiding that leap of faith. That’s been a theme of my life story so far. I always think my past climbing hobby is a perfect reflection of life. Many goals set but never attempted. It was easier to avoid them, find excuses. Too much caution climbing routes. Using fear and self doubt as an excuse to avoid those more challenging climbs. Backing away from leaps of faith. Yes I had fun but what could have been.

Now the life safety net has been removed. Single parenting and being without that person who held my hand on those big steps. Life has changed but so am I. It’s a slow process but it’s happening. Now is the time to face some of those fears which have held me back. Time to start ditching those constraints that have grounded me. Time to re-evaluate myself. Only by doing that can I be that parent our son truly deserves. Yes the one who protects him but the one who also encourages him to truly flourish. To be that person who he truly wants to be. To live his life.

56 thoughts on “Needs work

  1. I JUST saved this quote I saw because I liked it for myself – “If you are serious about change you need to go through some uncomfortable situations. Stop trying to dodge the process. It is the only way to grow.” I really liked it and there are things I definitely want to change but find it easier to stay in my comfort zone. Change is hard! Good luck to you on your journey. And I love the view!

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  2. This is such a wonderful reflection. Fears can and do hold us back from our greatest achievement – even if we don’t make it to the top of the mountains we will gain strength in the endeavor. Happy climbing!

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  3. The photo is so powerful and I love the atmosphere. There are dark clouds and they may dim the view and be scary that way. But they are not meant to linger but to pass and on their way, their rain may leave a cleaned fresh air to see the rainbow even better and to refresh the lungs.
    It is hard where you are going through and nobody really knows how it feels without being in a similar situation. And even then it is different for each individual and their situations. May the darkest clouds have passed soon and you can stand on the top of a Swiss mountain looking down to the valley while inhaling life.
    Happy Father’s Day, Gary!

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      1. Oh, yes! The next one is coming up in two weeks. Then we have summer break. Another weekend in September, one in October, and at the end of October there is the first exam. In January the second year starts….

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      2. Oh yes, there is a lot to learn. We learn about the physical diseases, about the organs, the blood flow, blood, the skin (I know it is an organ too), digestion. … and of course, we are learning about the plants which can be used for the specific cases or constellations, how to identify the plants, how to proceed the plants, making tinctures, creams, balms…. and the whole botanic… yes, a lot of work but wonderful work to learn so much about this magical planet!

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      3. I am already an aromatherapist (working with essential oils) but this is the bigger picture of which aromatherapy is only a part. Yes, more and more are coming back to the natural methods which mostly help even better because they are free of any chemicals and are in harmony with our bodies and their functions.

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      4. That can definitely be, Gary. It is a different altitude and and the ground is different, different climate too. Also the season plays a role too how the herbs taste. They are living organisms.


      1. Yup. They are good – they make life fun when you can see it like that. Kinda takes weight off?

        Life is an adventure 🙌

        It always reminds me of a video game… you start out in the tutorial lol… have your battles which determine your game lol… and try to survive collecting coins as much as you can 😄✌️

        Where will your adventure take you?

        Just makes it seem better? To have an adventure… cause it kinda is?

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      2. Yeah I hike but not so much climb… I am not that coordinated on 2 feet, never mind climbing mountains – I climb mountains in life anyway! I reach those peaks ✌️

        I like hiking though. Anywhere! All girls do like that lol

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