Here once stood the garden shed. But then an ageing Oil Tank had to be changed. The new rule was that flammable items had to be at least 6 feet away. A wooden shed just 3 feet away just didn’t cut the mustard. So it had to come down. I remember the day so well. My partner organised the skip. She took the first swing with the sledgehammer and then left the rest to me. It was a tough fight. Eventually I won the contest on a split points decision. Yes the shed was down but most of it now appeared to be imbedded in me.

We never did get round to putting a new one up. Actually we didn’t need one. The area became a little bit more green. A place to randomly put those potted plants which we have collected over the years. A nice home for a 90 year old wooden bench which has long since served its purpose and has been retired. It’s also a bit of a magnet of our sons footballs….

It so needs a good weeding but actually yellow poppies and wild strawberries are starting to grow here. Well that’s my excuse.

I’m not sure what my partner would make of it. Maybe a bit too chaotic for her. She liked organisation. The new shed was high up on my list of things to do before the world changed. But then she left our little world. Then every weekend her mum would pop over for an hour or so. She loved it. When she came over at the weekend she would often sit and look at it while drinking her coffee. Thinking about life. Watching the birds make use of it.

I’m writing this at about the time her mum would have been visiting. I’m sat in the chair she would be sat in. Yes I do think the little green area works. Maybe that new garden shed can wait for a few more years. Sorry my love…..

46 thoughts on “Where’s the shed

  1. It looks like a nice space but I am sure it is different than it was before with different memories. I do the same – just go with the flow. I hope you had a very special day. I thought of all the Dad’s today, you included. I hope you had a very special day even though it is an American day.


  2. I have a feeling–and this is just me–that little lives growing would be acceptable. Especially when her mom enjoyed the spot so much.

    And besides, those footballs have to settle SOMEwhere. 🙂

    You stay well, and take a moment to breathe. xxxxxx

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  3. I think that what I see here is far more natural and beautiful than any ol’ shed would be. The more nature and the fewer man-made contrivances, the better in my book! Perhaps a small garden gnome might be nice …

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  4. We had ours taken down when the most enormous tree had to be removed. Never put a new one in. We have a couple of outdoor box things to stick garden stiff in.

    I agree with the reader above .. a few garden characters would be fun there though!

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      1. God knows what your mind is picturing now.

        I’ve planted a rose and freesias today. My long term aim is a bench at the bottom of the garden for quiet reflection and reading (and possibly ice cream eating)

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  5. I rather like it. In fact I thought how classy and very different actually. You know if her mum sat there and loved it so much, I am sure it was because she imagined her sitting there too, sharing a cuppa, regardless of the ‘chaos.’

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  6. I wonder what my Nick would think of the chaos that is my garage.

    It’s ‘the anniversary season’ for me. He decided to quit chemo June 16th. He was gone by July 22nd. We left for Canada on June 24th for the Bittersweet Farewell Tour. I’m finding myself struggling again this year. Which surprises me. Maybe because I can’t handle being with the new guy anymore.

    Life sucks some days.

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  7. I love the photo. It’s got me thinking about my potted weeds. I should take a picture. All the rain we’ve had has really got them growing good. I never did get any planting done, so I’m just going to enjoy the greenery that’s cropped up on it’s own instead. Saves some money.

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  8. Ah, the trusty sledgehammer. I took one swing at the dividing wall and the whole lot went.
    It was the general idea, but we were most surprised, then discovered when the builders had built the extension years before we’d bought the property, they hadn’t tied the brickwork into the original building. It took about ten minutes to knock the wall down, and five hours to clear up the mess.

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