Blue skies are coming

I have given the weather a hard time recently. A few too many rainy shots through the window. So let’s correct the balance. This is today through the window.


Blue skies, very warm but with a Yorkshire twist. Blowing a gale. The perfect weather for standing on flimsy plastic chairs looking like a star from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Only joking, I suspect my bruised rump would seriously object.

We’ve been doing a little routine which does help Hawklad put things into perspective. It’s so easy for him to get overwhelmed with the negative. I wonder who else that could apply to….. Basically it involves an empty sweet jar and some brightly coloured sweets. Here Skittles or Smarties work well.

Notice I went for the old Rowntree’s version, rather than Nestle. One day will tell you why. Anyway the secret is to pick a colour which is to represent good things and a colour to represent bad things. Then every time something happens Hawklad decides if it is good or bad. He then picks the appropriate colour sweet. The sweet then goes into the jar. Over time it’s an easy way to see what happens more, good or bad stuff. Thankfully for Hawklad it is usually a jar filled largely with good things. That would be mainly a blue colour then – assuming we can get blue sweets. Depending on who you listen to, blue colouring is either dangerous or difficult to source naturally. This little technique has helped Hawklad. Basically it shows him that yes bad stuff happens but actually more good stuff is out there. You also get to eat the sweets after the experiment has finished.

It’s strange that for such a clever little technique that works, I have never tried it on me. Someone who does have to fight negative thoughts. Someone who can see the world in a dark light. So here goes. This weekend this little muppet with his big bruised posterior is going to try this. Let’s see what happens and what it tells me about life.

Take care.

89 thoughts on “Heatwave is here – kinda

  1. Where do you get Smarties, Skittles, or even chocolate M&MS, that only come in two colours. Mind you, I don’t think even Skittles provides enough colous to decribe what emotions and feelings I am experiencing lately. And I can’t eat the sweets at the end. First, the end will only come at my death. Second, my small bowel and candies do not get along. Oy vez meir, or however that is spelled.

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  2. I have heard of this technique using coloured sweets for this and yes, it does work.
    Enjoy having a go yourself.

    The sunny weather photos certainly do make a change from the rain.

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  3. There is no breeze here….it is very very hot hot hot. We got up really early to have a walk when it was cooler…and now we are trying to stay as still as possible and drinking lots of cool drinks.
    I noticed the other day in the supermarket they sell bags of only white skittles. I was kind of baffled by that.
    You sweet challenge is brilliant.

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  4. Blue Skies! 😀 Yes, no more flimsy plastic chairs please. That technique is such a wonderful idea and you are such a super dad. I hope that technique works for you too!

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  5. You can still get the Rowntree version?!!! Haven’t seen them in years. Girl in my class in school had surname Rowntree. Not common here in Ireland. She was a vicar’s daughter. Those not common here either. She was pretty clever so obviously had the nickname Smartie.

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  6. Wow!! Looks beautiful there today!! Enjoy that “heatwave” 😄✌️

    Your smarties are different than mine. My smarties aren’t even chocolate … your smarties are like M&Ms? Or similar to Skittles (I have the same Skittles lol)

    My Smarties are lightly pastel colored umm 🤔 almost chalk like (but not in taste) they are sweet… they are packaged in a roll that twists at each end

    I am horrible at explaining!

    I absolutely LOVE your candy jar of emotions!!! That is brilliant!! Nice one!!

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      1. Yeah mine are different … definitely not that lol

        I will have to show you mine lol – no pop off … cellophane wrapped? Twisted at both ends… you get maybe 20 or so sweet little candies – handed out alot during Halloween 🎃

        And yours are a brand different than M&M’s ? But they are M&M’s? They sound like M&M’s … you have to have those!!! I’m sure of it!

        Are your smarties big? Mine are little, crunchy, sweet – no chocolate lol

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      2. Oh interesting!

        Wow!! That’s pretty cool – you should work for them! You love them, and you have legacy ties ✌️plus you would get a lot of Smarties lol … the perks ya know?

        That’s like working for a toy company … so cool… what does your dad do? Oh he works at a chocolate factory making awesome chocolates

        Yeah pretty bad ass little daydream there lol

        That’s really cool!!

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      3. Ohh 😔 … went corporate, and flew the coop huh? Well still cool you have some there.

        We have a Jelly Belly factory near me sorta lol- maybe 2 hours away. (Luckily they are 2 hours away 😄😘)

        Have you ever had See’s candy??

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      4. Wow!! That’s really strange!! To not even let you look??? Why would they not want global exposure!

        Well See’s candy started over here on West Coast… they are premium chocolates / their lollipops are incredible … you get butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate and café latté

        So yummy!!! I wish I could send some for Christmas!

        They are rectangular-ish lollipops 🍭 ohh yum 😋

        I have no idea what candy floss is??? That sounds wrong, because I think of regular floss, but with “candy/sugar”… and that can’t be good… is strings of candy?

        And I don’t quite understand what you mean “you don’t call things candy”? I am baffled lol

        Is a chocolate maker … specific chocolate and candies just to them?

        What do you call sweetheart candies? The valentine ones with the sayings?

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      5. I know… I only know them as fries 🍟… Lay’s or Ruffles are chips to me.

        And crisps are air fried healthier version of potato chips that sometimes taste like wood lol ✌️😝

        That’s so funny.

        It’s weird – we speak same exact language – yet there are variations with speech and what we call things and what we have. 😮

        Actually though … Spanish has same issue – Mexican Spanish vs Spain Spanish is similar to how you and I have different dialects, words, etc… with English lol

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      6. Oh my god! That is sooooo hilarious.. you have me rolling!

        She probably lost her “Fanny Pack” … speaking of which – what do you call that then? LOL that’s hilarious

        I wouldn’t think twice about saying that… way back was even used as a girls name 😄😄😄 we also have Fanny Farmer candies

        So it does not phase me in the slightest lol

        Also is used to describe your bum … is it a nicer politer form, other than “ass”

        And sometimes we even say “get your fanny over here” lol (joking around)

        But it is nothing to us lol

        What does it mean over there???

        That is hilarious 😄😄😄

        My mom used to sing a song when we were really little – and about to take a bath…

        She was dorky – kinda like me lol… I also sang it to my kids lol

        It was done in a fast upbeat singing tone to speed it up – it was hilarious …

        She used to sing – “Get in, wash your fanny, and get out, boom boom”

        You know the stupid stuff you find yourself doing lol ✌️😄

        But that is crazy 😮 you blew me away with that one… what does it mean for you??? 😳😳😳

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      7. They do have international shops but it looks like ONLY :
        Hong Kong
        And some place called Macao?

        Ummmm that cuts off a HuGE portion of the world – wow!! Huh 🤔 I wonder why?

        That’s so weird

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  7. Ya know, even if the jar was full of red, I bet you’d feel better after eating them all😉 Perfectly brilliant idea! I’d go with M&Ms but I love my chocolate.

    Enjoy your heatwave. I’m hiding from mine. 97F is TOO hot!

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