August 2018

It’s been too long since I stood by the sea. Far too long. For someone born in a small north eastern seaside town, that’s tough. Genuinely don’t know when it will happen again. My gut feel is not in 2020. Our Government of Fools has now start reversing it’s rushed reopening plans. Yesterday it was perfectly safe to visit cinemas without a mask. Today you MUST wear a mask for your favourite movie. Yet kids and teachers are still expected to go mask free in classrooms. Last Friday we were being told to support the holiday industry and travel as it was safe. Just days later that all changed and more countries are being urgently added to the quarantine list with thousands of tourists now already out there. Even though those countries have much lower rates of deaths and infections than the UK.

Tougher lockdown regimes are being reintroduced into some areas with significantly rising infection rates . One such area is uncomfortable close to us. That is doing nothing for Hawklads anxiety levels. And now his garden consultation with his new health worker is in doubt. Such visits are now under review again. Somedays it feels like it’s one step forward and then one back. That’s at a time when his obsessive hand washing and fear of touching surfaces continues to mount.

But there is always hope and is it really one step forward, one step back…

When I first started climbing I hated having to retrace steps. One step forward, one step back seemed such a waste. A failure. Something to be avoided at all costs. But over time I learnt wiser ways. Things like climbing in things like pink compression tops and tight blue leggings is really not cool at all. Things like collecting rain water from rocky pools to drink might be a life saver but it doesn’t taste as nice as a can of coke stuffed into my climbing pack. Things like it’s not a great team building idea to lead a pitch when you have spilt asunder your tight blue leggings. I also learned that retracing steps is often a good thing. The times a few moments of retreat and sideways steps actually leads to a much easier and safe climbing way forward.

So yes things are tough and that garden visit would be useful but…..

The word BUT sounds to negative, maybe however is better.

However we do at least have access to the service still. That’s a huge bonus. The garden visit would bring stress currently, so if it doesn’t happen then it’s one less thing for Hawklad to worry about. It also encourages us both to try new things, see if we can find our own way through this maze. There will be things we haven’t tried. Maybe potential help has been there all the time and we just haven’t looked hard enough for it. Too much relying on someone else to find it for us. Maybe the only solution for Hawklad is to bunker down for a few more months until those clever vaccine people find something that works. So maybe retracing some steps is the best way forward.

There is always hope and yes I still have a pair of tight blue leggings…..

62 thoughts on “With one hand

  1. There IS always hope, and so many prayers. Some things do take time. We’re all kind of waiting for things. However, were also learning so much. There are blessings in there. This was so well written by the way. I really enjoyed the read Superdad.

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      1. Each to their own. Peace.
        (As harsh as this is going to sound, it is said with all seriousness, and without rancour. I do not grant anyone the right to pray for me. I have no soul, and my spirit is not lost. It is right where I want it to be. Thank you.)

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      1. Give yourself some credit, Gary. You have a gaggle of gigglers (just being poetic, ladies, not trying to insult!) hanging on your every post. They make a good protective fence between you and the cruel world outside your yard. Right now the gate is closed, but someday you will have to open it, wide.

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  2. Rock those blue leggings, play air guitar in them! Do it, I dare ya!😆 We learn by trial and error. Why do we think we can get things right the first time? That’s silly. It can be very frustrating when you’re wanting to help someone you love, not being able to wave a magic wand and make it all better. I’m having a bit of that myself with my Younger Daughter.

    There’s another blogger, a runner, he openly talks about Tourette’s and OCD… he takes risperdal and it helps him. Would Hawklad try medication or is that something neither of you want to do? I hate thinking of how anxious he must feel and how helpless you must feel. 💌💌

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      1. Ridiculous!!! It’s approved for kids on the spectrum here. I dont know if that matters to NHS. Ben took it for a while, but we had to stop because he’s that 1% or whatever that had a bad side effect.
        It was just a thought. I have them occasionally 😉😂💌

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  3. I truly think the decision regarding social distancing are really tough to make.
    My Goldfinch as you know is in Australia. I thought the measures over there were pretty tough compared to ours. They closed borders to the rest of the world, and interstate borders too. There were other social distancing restrictions in place….some more strict than ours, some less strict. There numbers were very low, particularly the number of deaths has been low. But as soon as they try to start lifting measures….numbers have started to rise. Now Melbourne has much stricter measures in place to get on top of things. To me it just shows what an immense challenge decision makers have. This invisible enemy is tougher than anyone expected. There are so many things for them to consider….I just don’t know…I really don’t! I really really do not envy them one bit. Whatever the decision….strict or lax they get criticism.

    Blue leggings…when you publish your baking book, wear the blue leggings on the front cover…you are bound to sell more books.

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  4. I think the worst thing in a crisis is indecision by leadership. People need to know the goal. Having the goal posts constantly moved is enough to make one crazy. It’s the same here. I am lucky it doesn’t affect me. I think I would be round the bend by now.

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  5. America is moving backwards at a swift pace. Not sure that there’s a way forward. Indecisive leaders, playing with people’s lives for political gain, neighbor against neighbor… but there’s always hope. Did that sound sarcastic? 😆💕

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  6. None of the movies have reopened here – I’m thinking they are done for over here. Unless it’s a drive in? (I miss those! Have no idea why they didn’t remain a “thing”)

    I would rather get the movie on demand anyway… after it’s been out awhile and is cheaper – but who wouldn’t rather watch a movie at home all relaxed in underwear? Lol … you can’t do that going to the movies lol 😄😄 😮

    My daughter wants to go back to school so badly – I’m sorry I can’t. Nope.

    She misses her friends like no tmrw – but I don’t feel is safe – she is also fine with my decision. So it’s ok… I just don’t trust it, none of it.

    We are rising so that is a definite no – that would run through the school like wildfire! Then we be done for.

    I really do not want to experience this thing at all!!! I wish they would hurry up!!! They taking forever!!

    Don’t we have technology now? Hurry up!!! Lol ✌️

    Maybe they are like the dmv? Lol (department of motor vehicles) …

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      1. Wait… what are cinemas ? Isn’t that same as theaters?

        In MY area a mask is absolutely required – no mask no service or they will provide you one

        Even at the funeral home – masks and also the new thing is – ANYONE coming in ANY of our buildings needs a mask AND they have to sign a “contact tracing sheet” … giving name, address and phone number – you don’t sign, you don’t get to come in.

        We have a Native American casino 🎰 here in my small little country town… it’s located way off all by itself, and very huge – but it has reopened … they are supposed to require masks, but people are eating, drinking AND smoking … so the public doesn’t follow rules there

        I have a girlfriend who works there and she says it’s packed busy and while staff is required to follow all safety requirements – patrons mostly don’t, they have the masks but don’t keep them on…

        Because is Native American property – they have different rules, they have their own “powers”

        Here I have heard them talking about requiring face shields 😮 to protect any orifices (the eyes even! They say glasses are not protective enough) plus the shield would stop you from touching your face

        All I can imagine – is eventually suited up in a space suit 😳

        It is little madness – I wish yours was more protective.

        But my country is doing way worse than yours 😔

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