What are they talking about

Dad the government is telling everyone to go on a diet. Boris apparently is going on one, bet that Cummings told him to do that.

Like everything else my money is on our so called Leader delegating his dieting to someone else. He’s far too busy having time off for things like that.

Dad your on a diet….”


And with those words from Hawklad, I’m on a diet. I’ve been on this temporary fasting diet for a while now but it’s been an effort. I just haven’t been able to get the food alternatives that my body will accept. So I’ve been forced into eating and drinking far too much soya (soy) 🙄…. Basically my body and face balloon up with the stuff. Not helpful when your trying to look like your losing weight. But hopefully I’ve managed to get hold of a few more nicer foods this time. So here goes. Going to combine my partial fasting diet with a significantly healthier food range. It helps as my garden has finally decided to yield some vegetables. Just got to find them amongst the weeds.

But dieting is only part of it. Need to do something with exercise as well. I am working out each day and pushing myself. But I’m missing the long runs. They are just not happening due to circumstances. So I need a challenge. I had this initial idea of trying to build up to run a garden marathon. Others have done this. I’ve managed 50 minutes of running round our small garden. But I was so dizzy and cheesed off after that, the prospect of 4 hours worth of that is just a complete nonstarter. Lets not forget the epic route map from that.

What was I doing on some of those outlying paths….

So here’s Plan B. At the end of August I want to build up to a mega exercise bike marathon. Let’s see how far I can get on the bike in 4 straight hours. But to ensure it’s not just a gentle peddle session, I’m going to dig out the old HR sports watch. 4 hours with the BP somewhere near 150. That sounds like a challenge which I can do in the garden. Watch it rain and watch the bike collapse again….

Ok Boris for once I’m going to listen to you. I’m going to lose some weight. Are you?

60 thoughts on “Dieting

  1. Very mixed messaging from the government (for a change…). I thought we were supposed to be ‘eating out to help out’ but now we’re supposed to be eating healthily? Then again, if Boris can do it, I’ll have to get on board. I might just wait and see if Boris can do it first though…

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  2. I feel like gagging every time I look at a salad at this point, but I keep gagging them down. With the heat and humidity, I haven’t been able to do a long run either. I blow up too with certain foods. I do like the fasting for that reason. I’m not bloated for all the hours I don’t eat. And then, it’s on to a salad. Gag! Good luck with your diet!

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  3. I love the photo too..is that your cat as well? Dieting can be discouraging when what you eat, or your meds make you gain weight. No matter what I do my weight will go up 10 pounds and then 18 months later it will go down again, eating the same stuff. Maddening. Don’t overdo the exercise!

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  4. Soy is all GMO. Stop eating anything soy based. Try doing a strictly Keto based eating way of life. I think I sent you a Dr Berg, YouTube link. Give it a try. What can it hurt.

    You won’t be hungry, you’ll feel great, you’ll save money and most allergy’s will disappear because you’re eating natural foods. But, the real benefit is weight loss.


  5. You’ve got more than the usual challenges. I love your creative ideas. Once you get thr right foods, I’m sure your body will go back to it’s happy size. Weight isnt that big of a deal, it’s how healthy you are that matters.

    Get a good cushion before you try 4 hours on the bike. Ouch!😫💌💌

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  6. Be careful with the soy – my son is allergic and sounds like what would happen to him. Once he stopped, it stopped.

    He is LOVING the keto thing and he tells me is very easy to stay on track for him – he does not like things that make it difficult to stay on top of. Works for him, he’s lost a lot of weight and looks amazing and also feels amazing – I’m always on him to be careful, but he will explain to me what he eats and how it works. It’s pretty cool.

    The soy with my son – was making him bloat up… and it was making breathing hard for him – made me nervous

    Please be careful. I even stay away from soy now. Cause – just because – I don’t trust it lol 😘✌️

    You could go vegan ✌️

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