The rain had cleared for a few moments. But some things are still unclear.

Hawklad is still to decide if he will go back to school on the 14th September. With all his anxieties any return will be so very tough for him. Maybe too tough. But ultimately it’s his call. I’ve let school know about the issues but they don’t seem to be proposing any accommodations for him. But I guess there are a few weeks to go.

The other thing I have raised is what happens if he is not able to return. Still registered with school but unable to attend classes. How would he keep up with the course work. Unfortunately the really good school online education system will be switched off. Switched off to encourage parents to send kids into school. The initial dialogue with the authorities seem to be – well if he doesn’t go back then tough – that’s your call. Your responsibility to arrange education until he returns to the classroom. Thats the approach being set by the government. Online school tuition will only be switched back on if the school is forced to close again.

So many things to think about. But one clear message from the Government. Send your kid into school or you won’t be getting any help from the system. In fact schools will be expected to fine parents for keeping kids off. Could be a stormy few months.

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  1. All the furore around the recent exam debacle is going to seem tame in a few weeks when schools start trying to fine parents. The system couldn’t cope with non-attenders before the pandemic so it’s going to be a total shambles now.

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  2. You will weather this storm as you have others. I find it so frustrating that there is no flexibility in the system even after the last 5 months, which if anything, have taught us that flexibility is paramount. Children identified with specific needs that prevent them returning should be offered the same level of teaching as all children were receiving during lockdown. Sadly in my boys’ school that was total crap so I hope they can stay in but who knows. Your son’s schools sounded like they achieved a really good home online system. Surely that should be celebrated and rolled out elsewhere as an example of what can be achieved should lockdown happen for some. It’s madness, such a waste of resources and good ideas.

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  3. Damned if you and damned if you don’t. I don’t envy your position. I hope they see the disastrous results of colleges opening here in the states and decide not to open for your child’s sake.

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  4. It’s absurd. I’ve been reading about all the obstacles being placed on schools over here and I don’t know how teachers are supposed to do all of those things and still find time to teach. Some schools have re-opened only to have to immediately close down again when people got sick. It’s a huge problem for the government, no question, but it seems to me they are shirking their responsibility.

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  5. I do not like that position you are in…

    Is this you?

    There might be some good resources there?

    That would add immense pressure on you, because you then have to take complete control and you don’t have a tag team

    Is that an option for you? Would they allow that? Many jobs are also online now, and with your background you could probably find another which is home based ? Unless your job still holds strong ??

    Is very hard decision either way.

    On one hand – is good to experience life and have experiences

    But is just an uneasy feeling with corona lurking about.

    No wonder you are tired – so much to go through 😔

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      1. That’s true with the cut backs especially right now – funny how they will cut themselves back but not the kids. 🤨 Humph 😤

        Can’t hurt to check out though and see what options might be. Just incase he decides not to go back. There are some good documents there for information on what’s required to do at home 🙏

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  6. A complete fustercluck! I’m honestly surprised that Hawklad hasn’t already said “No Way” to school. Unless he’s just avoiding thinking about it because of his anxiety.

    It’s really too bad… they have such an opportunity to come up with new ways of teaching and they’re clinging to old ways like a life preserver. It’s stupid! And beyond frustrating to read about… if it were me I’d be thinking of Alice Cooper’s solution… 😉😂💌💌

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  7. Crap. I’m really sorry the govt isn’t even considering accommodations for students who are not ready to return. I don’t know the quality of alternate options here but I know they exist.

    Sending you good juju.

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      1. I have modified what the school is teaching. Meaning I am spending a lot more time with adding, subtraction vs this new way of teaching children math. The curriculum advances once my child is ready to move on.

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  8. I don’t know exactly how everything is over here regarding the school (my kids are grown up). But when even it’s a big challenge for the school system, there needs to be an alternative to going to school physically!

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  9. I give it until October half term for us to be back to where we were in March. The government haven’t got a clue, absolutely useless. My daughter who is pregnant will be back in school as a lunchtime supervisor. The school my grandchildren go to have already said any child who shows any sign at all of illness will be sent straight home. She has three children. If they get sent home she will have to stay off with them. How are you supposed to keep a school functioning if staff have to keep being off because their children are sick. I don’t know about other grandparents but I won’t be stepping in if they’re ill. My husband is 70, we can’t take the risk. I’m looking after them 1 morning after bank holiday while she goes into school for some training. I live in an area where we’ve had to go back into semi lockdown so I’m not actually supposed to even go in her house but there’s no one else. This government just live in their own sheltered little world and ignore the realities of what they’re asking. Sending them all back to school is just wasting all the sacrifices we’ve made so far only to end up back where we started. So yes, we do have a bunch of stupid people running the country.

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  10. Wow. How extreme to only offer in-person education and to block access to online education. So no online options available? I can’t fathom that. Way to accommodate all learners! I’m sorry. That is just inane and ridiculous.

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  11. Good luck over the coming weeks. You have my sympathies. My son, Nathan, is set to go back to school next week but he’s had no support or education to speak of since March, so readjusting is going to be fun.

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  12. Oh, my friend. I do not like that. All so wrong. I know you will get through this and your son will as well he has such a strong support team. YOU! And you are very strong. Hugs to you both.


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