A brief window to step outside and breath. Otherwise it’s been horrible. Many of the places around us have closed due to bad weather. Must admit education feels that way a bit currently.

UK School doesn’t really work for those with additional educational needs. The traditional classroom setup brings much stress. School at home brings a little respite.

So that’s two weeks ticked off from the next stage of the school at home approach.

I was asked why I didn’t call it homeschooling. Basically we are still trying to follow what the school is teaching. Not setting our own learning agenda. Having to do this just in case our son decides to return to school when he is able to. So it’s not the freedom of homeschooling, it’s basically school but at home.

So in two weeks we have kind of found a way of trying to keep up with the class. Covering the same subjects. In some lessons we are getting all of the material which is being used in class. In some we are getting some of the material and we are trying to fill in the gaps as best we can. In a few subjects we are basically getting nothing so we are just winging those – maybe we are following the class, maybe we are heading in completely the wrong direction.

He is getting virtually no pastoral care from school. Absolutely zero feedback on work submitted, not sure some of the teachers are even reading it yet. A couple of the teachers do occasionally send a message asking if he is ok with the work set. That’s it really. On a Thursday all the pupils have to select an option for an additional lesson. It’s supposed to cover non curriculum activities. It’s about learning new skills and building confidence. It could be a gaming option, archeology, performing arts, sports, astronomy. He hasn’t been included in this programme – says it all really.

In my mind I have already settled on the best way forward. It’s for our son to leave school and opt for full on homeschooling. But it’s his call. It’s his future. So when the time is right then he can make a decision. But I have to say school are not bending over backwards to sell themselves.


45 thoughts on “A window

  1. Hawklad is way too smart to be in low set. He’s getting nothing but more anxiety from school. I hope he chooses homeschooling. He’ll be doing work ahead of his peers in no time.

    Gotta work on that French accent. For the insults๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ

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  2. With the experience that you have been having with his school I would say Homeschool sounds like a wonderful option and I really think you can do a great job at it! Its not about being a perfect teacher, its just about helping your child learn in the best way that they can.

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  3. I hope he will make that decision . I am sure that you will be great at this and also, certainly up here, there’s a kind of home school network where, they seem to go out in groups sometimes or perhaps have a class together where a parent is qualified to teach that subject. He’s a clever boy, totally sound and smart. Putting covid aside, it seemed to me he was one of these..what we call up here, ‘socially included kids,’ who wasn’t socially included at all, that he wasn’t getting the help or recognition he so needs, that assumptions were made, that he wasn’t basically getting with the program. THEIR shitty program. There has been no provision for the kids and young people who can’t ever fit their program.

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      1. I know. God knows why people vote for them. Having cut it then they are hardly likely to offer help to those students, like Hawklad who are unable to go into a classroom situation right now. Unbelievable.

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  4. That is really frustrating. I have done the same – I don’t call it homeschooling as I am not teaching a thing, or directing the material. We are just completing the material assigned, so it is online learning. I agree with you.

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