I was asked about if our son was any closer returning to school. This is his fourth week at home since the school returned full time. Well two things from today really paint the picture.

First an email from school advising that the school had now had its second confirmed case. This time a member of staff. Apparently the confirmed cases so far are not considered to be linked. A small number of individuals have been asked to isolate for 14 days and the school remains fully open.

The second was a conversation with our son. His words need no more elaboration.

“Dad I go into meltdown if the bedroom window is open. In fact I can’t even touch the window handle to close it. I just can’t go back. Can’t go back for some time to come.”

And there is our answer in a nutshell. At present government ministers are telling parents to ensure there kids go to school as it’s perfectly safe and is in fact our civic duty. To not do now apparently makes you a bad parent, someone who is not acting responsibly. Must get those words on a T-shirt.

I will continue to act irresponsibly and avoid doing my civic duty. Our son will return to school when he is ready to do so, when it is safe and when he is comfortable doing that. Until then – Viva La Revolution…..


43 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Hawklad knows what is best for him. Over here in our school division class enrollment is down and home schooling has risen. Tember has gone from a full bus to I think he said there are about 10 of them on the bus now. Everyone else is being home schooled. Hugs to both of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Everything is supposed to be for the good of all, but that really leaves out the good of the individual who isn’t like all the rest. Being unique is a good thing though it can have many drawbacks as well. Forcing your son into situations that are harmful to his wellbeing is certainly not a good solution. Actually it’s not a solution at all, good or bad. Good for you for sticking to what you know to be the best for him. You know him. No government official is going to help when he has a meltdown. Keep up the good work. Your love is what he needs more than anything, and I know he has that in full measure.

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  3. Too right. My daughter is at Manchester Uni and quite rightly raised a concern about attending classes following the footage and news report of students partying and locked down.


    For a start it’s Japanese and Chinese Linguistics. I highly doubt the University is oversubscribed for that one and secondly, I told her flat out there is no way they can and would dare try to kick her from the course if she didn’t show up for classes due to legit concerns and confirmed cases of COVID.

    Early this week she got an email stating that with immediate effect all classes will be online and she is not to attend University at all.

    Almost wanted them to really try and push that one though I had my sleeves rolled up and ready to whoop their sorry arse. Spoiled my fun in the end.

    You’re absolutely right as is your young man ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Oh yeah she’s fine like I say they ended up telling all the students classes were online until further notice but made out it was their idea.

        When word got out and the BBC reported on the spike in cases they had no choice.

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      2. Exactly. I half wonder / suspect if having to refund tuition fees might have anything to do with it and be a main reason for trying to keep students in classrooms as long as possible.

        Might be entirely out of order with that but given how most uni students are not going to have access to facilities and 1-1 support from tutors I imagine there’ll be a lot of applications to reimburse part if not all tuition fees and student loans by next year.

        Privately owned small care homes have been shafted something shocking too they were essentially forced into accepting people from hospital over the phone, without notice or chance to assess them and make sure they have equipment put into place. Those that don’t or won’t take new admissions from a phone call referral end up being crossed off the list NHS discharge teams and social workers won’t call up unless they have no other choice

        LA’s only providing support for homes whose residents have their care funded so privately funding residents fall further down the priority level purely they’ve had the means to pay for care it’s disgraceful

        Lot of these smaller homes have been cast adrift and half empty or made to accept people they know shouldn’t be coming in on the back of a phone call but have little option but to accept them and adapt a fire fighting strategy if push comes to shove.

        Next thing I’m waiting for is CQC to suddenly decide routine checks and inspections can now resume and they’ll go in to catch up probably pulling homes up on the least thing because they’re trying to show poor standards and practice won’t be tolerated.

        One home is worried sick that’s gonna happen she’s not had an inspection for over three years now so due any day and she’s not sure what they’re doing, how they’re working and what they’ve put into place is going to tick the boxes and keep CQC from slating them.

        Last month I did a full internal inspection and audited all their care records from a safe distance and in a room they set aside specifically for me to wade through all the paperwork just to do as much as I possibly could without putting anyone at risk. Absolutely no reason CQC couldn’t have done a similar system in the short term just to at least get inside homes and make sure they have had chance to check in so anything really unsafe or dangerous can be tackled immediately rather than leave it all until next year by which time things could have developed to a point it’s not easily undone.

        The care home needn’t worry one bit they’re doing better job than most to be honest but if they’re jumped on or rated poorly at the next inspection I’ll jump in the car and batter them daft.


  4. Yep. Keep on doing what is best for your child.That is all that matters. And I love that he is not only so self-aware but that he can freely communicate with you. As an undiagnosed autistic my whole childhood, I wish I had had that one thing-someone to freely communicate with. Would’ve made an enormous difference. Ah, well. What’s done is done. All I can do is try to be that listening ear to my own. Grateful that right now, we have been able to safely remain open for their sakes, but watchful for change. Just praying that can hold off until at least mid-November so their beloved musical can go on. Not sure I can bear to see another performance taken from them. But, back to you and Hawklad-hugs and prayers as you keep on carving out your own path. God and you two, you’ve got this!

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  5. Thank you! Yes, so true! So much goes into a child’s education that I am not sure is being considered enough.Not sure if this is an appropriate response, but, it’s my first thought so… Cool-another of the missed generation! ๐Ÿ™‚They actually say when you have a child diagnosed, parents often recognize traits in themselves, as well as other family members. At least it aids in understanding our kids better. ๐Ÿ™‚

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