White cloud over a tree. That’s five words….

We tried a new game yesterday. Try to describe things, people, events in just five words or less. It’s a nightmare. Well a nightmare for me. Hawklad wisely decided to just ask the questions and leave the mental hernia to me. It started off very sensibly for example a Rose was ‘a flower with sharp thorns’. York was ‘a historic northern english city’. Sadly it went down hill rapidly.

My football team – can’t win a thing, USELESS

Cricket – Red ball aimed at sticks

Golf – excuse to wear silly trousers

Brexit – well that’s on plan, NOT

Gardening – OW that hurts

Yoga – that’s not supposed to bend

School – best done in bed

Boris Johnson – Lazy, corrupt, so called leader

Trump – can’t find his tax return

Calculus – number witchcraft

Red – my face after a workout

Lord of the Rings – chucking a ring at volcanoes

The Hobbit – some blokes lost a ring

The Silmarillion – absolutely no idea what’s happening

A Dinosaur – imagine your Dad just younger.

You Dad – a walking gnarly old fossil

The Terminator – Austrian speaking walking remote control

Chess – Draughts or Checkers with attitude

Twitter – being nasty with limited characters

Facebook – an excuse to photograph breakfasts

Star Trek – don’t beam down with Kirk

Star Wars – Star Trek but way longer

Gravity – Add Falls for cool cartoon

Real Gravity ….. – Reason my body is saggy

80 thoughts on “Five words

  1. Those are very good. A friend waited for me recently while I had an appointment. He entertained himself by making words out of the letters on his mints tin :ALTOIDS. Quite amazing how many there were!

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  2. Oh, brave man. I am far too wordy for such a game! 😁That said, I love these! Twitter and Facebook are so well described and I shall certainly have to share the Star Trek/Star Wars ones with my sci fi guys. My oldest boy would agree with your assessment-especially since he has written fan fiction where the characters in both meet. 😏 Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

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  3. I like your five words game. πŸ˜‚ I have never read the Silmarilian but Andrew sometimes threatens to read it to me. I’ve heard enough about it from him. It’s sounds confusing and too detailed. I like details…. but not so much in a book when you want the story to move along and get somewhere. 😁

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    1. It’s kind of like the bible, but three times as convoluted, covering many more generations and people, and is a real head-spinner! Cannot recall a single thing from it. I feel Tolkien had to create the full background of the elves history,… perhaps with the intention of writing a novel about them.

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  4. I think you might be limbering up for haiku! 3 lines, 17 syllables, 5/7/5. Tell a story, no rhyme required. Painting pictures in so few words brings a focus and thought into each word. What you have stumbled upon is at the heart of good communication. Brilliant.

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