Another day and another email from school. Another pupil has tested positive. I’ve lost count of the pupils isolating now. One year has about 80 isolating out of 130. Another year has about 60 isolating. Countless teachers can be added to the list. Sadly that’s what happens when a cramped and old fashioned school tries to operate at full capacity during a pandemic.

Unfortunately it’s a story being repeated across the England. The latest figures show that last week 400000 pupils were have to isolate. 50000 pupils had either tested positive or were suspected as having the virus. It’s almost as if the Government is trying to get as many of our children infected as possible.

Surely it’s time to bring in better controls within our schools. For a start opening up online education options to all pupils has to be done as a matter of urgency. That would instantly create space in classrooms. Cramped and overcrowded classrooms have to be consigned to the bin.

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  1. Online learning has, or will I guess, help our schools. Last names A-M go back Mondays and Wednesdays and N-Z go back Tuesdays and Thursdays. Alternate days are all online. That really stinks your school isn’t offering some online alternative.

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  2. In your situation, I agree 100%. Even our school district of a couple thousand gave families the option of staying virtual or returning to school; doing this decreased the population returning to the school buildings and allowing the kids to be spread out. This is something that MUST be done for your country’s students, and it’s a pity this isn’t getting pushed more. How is Hawklad doing?

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      1. I certainly can’t blame him for that. We just have to hope the progress on the vaccine goes okay. The important thing is that he’s safe and happy with you. That’s all that matters xxxxxxx

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  3. Yup 🤨 here too…

    What did they think?? Schools are notorious for sickness

    I don’t trust shit at this point so whatever – everything out of their mouths is a lie

    Schools NEVER should have attempted to reopen… period!!!

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      1. That’s not an idea… that’s a cop out, cause they don’t want to deal with it… “let’s just let thousands die – oh well – we don’t know what to do” … that’s all that is… a BIG GIANT COP OUT – they have no plan in place and no clue

        Herd immunity – that’s a crock of shit!

        If they had any sense of humanity they would not be pushing that!!!

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      2. Yeah, cause they’re idiots – I don’t trust them at all at this point any time they open their mouths 🤨

        We have another debate coming tmrw lol 👏😄 … I’m kind of enjoying these because they are so crazy!!

        So the rule is … each opponent gets 2 “uninterrupted” minutes for the question directed towards them… at which time the other opponents “mic” 🎤 will be turned OFF 😄😄 … so lets see how that plays out – I’m so curious!!! Will be the last debate… people voting already but the actual day is November 3rd. So what are we? 2 weeks away from the show down? Lol

        Oh boy- you ready for a crazy shit show from across the pond? 😳

        Just nuts. All hell is gonna break lose either way 😳😮

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  4. On the bright (although…is it really bright) side: they’re going to have a school full of immune kids soon at this rate. If everyone’s had it – no one’s gonna catch it, right 🤷‍♀️😱

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  5. I live in minor epicenter of the epicenter of COVOID-19 infections in this region (upper Great Plains of US). The local school board made a mess of it and all of the schools their sports teams usually play against will play with them this year because of the high infection rate here! Seems the kids and staff infected with the disease got out of control, fast, once they reopened the schools without proper precautions. Of course, I live in an county where 74.6% of voters in 2916 voted for Trump and not wearing a mask or taking reasonable precautions to help contain the disease are routinely rejected and not done! Ignore it and it will go away seems to be the mentality.

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  6. There had to be a way to reopen with more stringent safety measures. A hybrid approach to enable the children to access the social elements of school and some face to face teaching but then continue with a more robust virtual curriculum too.

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