So many pupils from our son’s year group are isolating. I’m also hearing that other pupils are being asked to isolate in other year groups as well. Many teachers are off. It’s all a bit of a mess really. Many schools are like this in the UK. They don’t feel like environments conducive to learning at present.

These are stressful times for many. I’m not sure the Government understands this. Or chooses to ignore this. Bland statements that ‘schools are the best place for children’ are recited everyday. It might be in terms of the Economy but….

Some children need to be in school. Some need to be at home. They definitely need to have the chance to have a childhood. A good childhood. It’s often too easily forgotten how much stress and anxiety they are under. Unable to see friends. Unable to do some of the stuff they love. Living in a stress filled world with so much confusion. Told to wear masks in buses and shops, yet told not wear them in classrooms. Frequent enforced teacher switches. Many sadly forced to isolate or deal with the actual virus. Living in a small world with few holidays and adventures. Watching never ending grim news reports. How much stress are many of our children under. We have to do something about this. To me that’s more important than the short term needs of the economy.

Our son is racked with anxiety. Too much to allow him to venture through the front gate. A significant part of his precious childhood is being spent in isolation. That’s hard to take as a parent. All I can do is to keep him feeling safe, try to shutout the bad stuff from the world and to try to find ways to help him still enjoy his childhood. He’s had a tough one already. Loss of his mum, coming to terms with Aspergers and now a Pandemic. That’s why I’ve got to work all the more harder. There’s still a childhood to be enjoyed.

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  1. It broke my heart to hear my 11 year old had told her guidance counselor at school that she was depressed and had anxiety and just wanted to die because covid has made sure there is no enjoyable future. What do I do about it? She was such a happy kid. Until forced to be locked up and isolated.

    The kids are suffering and it seems the powers that be are not listening. Economy first, never mind a generation of broken minds that could use some mental health support. It is sad and I wish you and your son the best.

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  2. It won’t always be this way. It won’t. Do the best you can for both of you right now, but know that things will get better. This isn’t the first time the world has seen hard times… they got through them then. We will get through this too. ❤

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  3. Many children lose a year or more because of sudden illness or accident. Somehow they get over it, but your son has all the additional problems to deal with and it is unimaginably hard, but he is very lucky in having a father who understands it all and is totally devoted. My heart goes out to you both.

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  4. This whole situation would have been considered science fiction if anyone had written a novel a couple of years ago, yet here we are now, actually living it. It’s strange that your children are not to wear masks in school while ours have to wear them. There is absolutely no logic in the way governments are handling this whole thing. FaceBook is labeling a video of a group of doctors speaking out in front of the US Supreme Court as being false information. So now FB is the medical expert and doctors don’t know anything. One doctor who spoke said he had treated 1900 patients of all ages, even elderly with underlying conditions, and they were treated successfully. I wonder how anyone with a conscience can label that false. Keep up the good work with your son. At least he knows he is safe with you and that you love him. That goes a long way in a child’s life. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for him to battle through this situation. I’ll be praying for you both. God is able.

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  5. Yes, Hawklad has had a rough time of it, but he has something so many children don’t have… a loving, understanding, supportive parent!

    My bio father didn’t die, he just left, got remarried and made a new family. My mother was emotionally unavailable. She was a single mom at 21, with a 3 yr old & a newborn… it was what it was. Lots of people have rough childhoods and grow into fantastic adults.

    You’re doing such a great job, Gary! Do NOT beat yourself up over Hawklad’s stolen or lost childhood. This is his path, and with your support, he’s walking it.


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  6. Sending you both love.. At least you are connected to his feelings and recognising and supporting all you can.. The love for your son makes your heart ache and that is so natural. I pray that this is not the new normal forever but it has certainly had a huge impact on young lives..

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  7. I wish there was some coordinated way to allow student to just have a break during this time. Let them study, explore, or do nothing… whatever suits them until C19 is under control. With a family next door, I see/hear the reason that’s not viable but I feel like kids are in a nightmare of fear and pressure to perform when school’s aren’t prepared to educate them.

    But it’s clear the US and UK have opted for economy over safety so…

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  8. I agree fully that the health — both mental and physical — of our children should … nay, MUST … take precedence over the economy. I know that this year has been one of depression for me, so I can only imagine how it must be affecting children who really cannot understand what is happening and why. You are doing great, my friend … your son is lucky … perhaps more so than he will ever realize … to have you for his dad. Xx


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