I’m sat here watching the rain falling while listening to Pink Floyd. Nothing like a bit of Floyd to life the mood!!!! My mum would always say that she would listen to sad music to cheer herself up. Maybe it’s in my DNA as I’ve always tended to listen to more darker themed music. Maybe I should try happier ones. Where’s that Alvin and the Chipmunks cd …. that’s why I stick to the darker stuff.

So it’s time to get back to that Desert Island again.

Hawklad is still working on his list so it’s the extra post then. But I hear you cry – there are only two of you. Well here goes.

I was thinking about living on a desert island. The beach, the palm trees, surrounded by seemingly never ending water. That feeling of isolation and being alone. Cut adrift from the world. But actually isn’t that us now. Are we not already on our very own desert island.

Look at the photograph above. Replace the beach with our wet lawn. Palm trees morphed into an apple tree. The shoreline is now a garden fence. The farmer land, nettles and wild ground suddenly our very own version of an ocean. A barrier between our little island and the outside world. Days go by without seeing another human. Definite feelings of isolation and being cut adrift from the outside world. No sign of rescue ships on the horizon. Has the world stopped looking. Did it ever really look. Does it even know that we are here.

It’s such an odd feeling. But here’s the thing. Do I see this as necessarily a bad thing. Hawklad definitely doesn’t. Currently the remoter the better for him. He’s ok as long as he can watch a bit of live football and Disney Plus. But what do I think?

Do I see the dividing ocean as a threat or a godsend. The longer our lockdown goes on then the less I feel physically connected to the outside world. It becomes increasingly hard to see myself fully reintegrating back into the world beyond our island. Actually maybe isolation is what I need and want. Something not to be feared but embraced. Maybe the real fear is that a rescue ship does arrive…….

44 thoughts on “Just like a Desert Island

  1. I know that you are there. You’re not that adrift, but I know what you mean. The future is a mystery. Learning to be content and see the good in all circumstances is a good thing though. It helps us to be happy in all kinds of weather….a goal of mine… haven’t reached that shore though……..YET.

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      1. 😂 The nettle patch… well… It’s not quite the shore. I don’t think you want to stay there. Take a left, then a right then swim 20 more paces (can you swim paces?) Then you might be close to the shore, or a shark. If it ends up being a shark paddle faster in the opposite direction and keep your legs close to your chest. Sharks like limbs. So it might be a little difficult to swim that way. Practice makes perfect. Hopefully that practice will pay off in time. Who knew nettle patches could be so dangerous. High tide in Yorkshire is fun times.😆

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      2. Eyecup? I had to Google search that word… I thought it was some seriously painful eye grabbing manuever. Might need goggles in Yorkshire. No Yorkshire nettles are going to eye grab me. 😀

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      3. Yes, true…. Boramir.

        “One does not simply walk into Mordor…. one must first sit and have a lovely cup of tea. Then One is ready to walk into Mordor.”

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  2. Oh, you’re just waiting for the right rescue ship at the right time… You may be physically isolated but you’re not alone or forgotten.

    A lot of our human interactions are so superficial. Superficial is the way of the world these days. I know I’d rather have deeper connections with people. And if it’s only a few people, that’s perfectly fine with me.

    Enjoy your island! Your ship will come when you’re ready for it.

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  3. I hope some form of the rescue ship comes soon. I can relate to the not relating to others and now it seems impossible. I don’t know how that breaks. At times I am in the world, but find I am still on my island as I have no idea what to do or what to say. So, I don’t say or do anything. Things are still so strange. I am hoping that as things (and situations like yours) go back to what we were used to, maybe we can readapt. Thinking of you!

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  4. I’ve drifted myself to sleep, if nothing else worked, with a dream of deserted island with long beaches. Lost it with this corona time. I hope for alla of us that rescue ship will arrive in time!

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  5. Well I do REALLY love “The Christmas Song” is one of my favorites ❤️ me I want a hoola hoop ❤️

    Well I kinda like the isolation myself… I isolated after that surgery before corona … so I liked that. I had peace ❤️

    Then I started not to have peace… then corona hit… and a little peace

    Now there is no peace 🤨

    I still sorta keep isolated – I hide away??

    I’m trying to come out little bit… sorta ish lol 😄✌️

    I dunno… it was hard when didn’t see anyone – and you have been doing that for a very long time now. I can see how you crave interaction.

    I’m sorry you feel that. I’m sorry it is what is currently… is not easy to go through – humans are social to some degree … we need that

    We could do virtual lol … but isn’t really the same as actual interaction with others

    It’s hard – I don’t have anything brilliant to propose on that front because … well the virus still

    You situation is harder because of your boy… you don’t want to bring a feeling of fear to him… so ya know you are kinda caught in a catch 22

    And later when this is all over – you will have life again… it will come back.

    They say patience is a virtue… you are being tested with that little bit.

    Is almost just like a movie… this horrific thing we have to endure … and cuts us off from everyone.

    I always try to think – it’s just a moment in time, this too shall pass… I think that with anything bad 🙏 it does pass – just takes time

    But in the meantime that does not help everyone’s mental health … if you need anything just say so. Don’t be afraid to ask.

    And just so you know, doesn’t matter how busy my life gets – I make time for my friends if they ever need me – but they have to tell me ✌️

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  6. I really hope this isn’t the case. It’s good to find positives in circumstances beyond our control but a rescue ship will come at some point, don’t hide away from it when it does. X

    Pink Floyd are the best for any type of mood.

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  7. Top notch post Gary and something that l have been thinking of in the form of a question of late. When l do come to ask that question .. l shall also offer you mention here.


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