Dad that’s not a bad sky at all”

It’s a grand one Son.

You always say GRAND these days”

It’s just a way of saying something is impressive. It’s a bit like you saying something is sick….

Dad I was thinking about school. What happens if I still can’t go out during next year as well. Maybe I’m not ready to go back until 2022. What happens then?”

Well we just carry on. We’ve coped for most of this year. We just do the same next year then. Although I might have a ZZ Top beard by 2022 .

I so want to see that.”

Make a change for you. Having a Dad who looks cool….

That’s never happening. As you would say Dad. You are a Grand Muppet.”

You never know. One day….

Dad is that your mobile Dad going off.”

Yes it is. A message. Oh look they have rescheduled our Ozzy concert. Was supposed to be next week but they have put it back to October 2022. Time for me to grow a proper beard.

Dad time for me to maybe venture out again…”

55 thoughts on “2022

      1. And now it has vanished into oblivion in posts gone by….. vanished. No one will ever sight it again. But there is hope that one day a new reflection might arise from the mist…

        Don’t ask…. 😂 Okay you can ask…. I’ll have to think long and hard about the answer though…. 😀

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  1. That’s big from Hawklad! I wish him the very best if he attempts to venture out. The events we had scheduled this year have been rescheduled to 2021 – but I am wondering if they will get canceled or postponed again. I wonder when things will stop being so up in the air and will eventually just settle.

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  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can picture Hawklad trying so hard to act like he doesn’t know you in public… and you rockin a ZZ Top beard wearing your pink leggings and your Peppa shirt! Oh, I love it!!

    Total, complete photo envy!💌💌💌

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      1. Like my large bottle of self tanner, to be tan and to “blend in dark skin patches”, which actually made all the dark patches 1000x more pronounced?


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