Do you ever have those moments in time that are just a little too busy. When lots of random events decide to bloom at exactly the same time. When life goes kinda mad. Well I’ve just had another one of those career defining epochs.

I was happily trying to cook tea. Pan boiling nicely. Grill turned on. Looking through the window at the washing gently drying on the outside clothes horse. Everything under control. Even time for a little air guitar listening to Kiss and then …..

For some reason the TV Speaker Bar kicked into life and decided to join in with the kitchen speaker and blast out Kiss. And I mean blast out. Deafening. It does have a mind of its own, definitely when it comes to Bluetooth. So I rushed to turn it off but couldn’t find the remote control (it doesn’t have any useful buttons on the speaker, apparently that is progress). Then a shout from the toilet…

Dad the toilet is blocked and flooding.

So I ditched trying to turn the music down and headed towards the toilet. The phone rang.

Can I phone you back, bit of a crisis here (having to shout above the music),

Running towards the toilet and the front doorbell rang.

Can you leave the parcel there ….. Apparently not and I had to sign for it. Definitely getting an evil look for listening to that type of music so loud.

Heading towards the toilet when the smoke alarm goes off. Run to the kitchen to find the grill was arc welding the once tasty food options. Turn off grill and throw the food embers outside. Then throw the smoke alarm out as well. That’s now happily screeching away on the lawn.

Head towards the toilet and the cat knocks the school iPad off the table. I try to catch it but fail. Check the damage. Screen looks slightly cracked.

Dad the toilet is flooded and I’m busting. Hawklad shouting over Kiss.

Head towards the kitchen sink to find the plunger only to find the pan was now boiling over and the top of the electric cooker is like a boating lake. Turn the pan off.

Dad I’m busting. The words almost lost amongst the dialled to 11 metal music.

Plunger now in hand. Front doorbell rings again. Can our postman leave a parcel for next door with me. Apparently he likes Kiss and went to see them 20 years ago.

Dad the cat is drinking the toilet water and I’m seriously busting.

Ten minutes later the toilet is working. Son isn’t busting anymore. Kiss is playing at less than 150 decibels. Soup has now replaced the wrecked food. I’ve got no idea who phoned. The smoke alarm is getting a free wash on the front lawn in a passing rain storm. As is the once almost dry washing.

Back to normal again.

65 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a handful! My chaos happens always around dinner time. Everyone wants a separate meal, and they want to “talk,” while the other is desperately trying to find something apparently I lost. Deep breath central. Glad it all worked out for you! Hopefully next time they give you some more time in between πŸ™‚

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  2. Uh-oh… Casa Cuckoo has infected you. I’m so sorry… ☹

    I do know how that feels. It happens almost daily here. I’m usually not cooking, and our smoke alarm got beat to pieces years ago… but toilets and noise and Zeus in the way and Gramma? Gramma? Gramma?🀯πŸ€ͺ
    You feel like your forehead should be flashing “TILT” (please tell me you understand that reference)

    Did you ever get your tea?πŸ˜‚πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  3. Lol, seriously. I sometimes think our lives are like in a movie and it is cue this, cue that, cue the toilet flooding, cue the doorbell ringing. AHHHHHHH. Then it is like the evil stage manager gets locked back up and everything goes back to normal.

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  4. You know, it’s days like this that remind us that even when we don’t leave home, chaos will find us. πŸ™‚ xxxxxx At least Hawklad had quite the spectacle to watch. Staying healthy, you two? I’m a little murky with feeling–the boys now don’t return to school until January, even though there were no cases in our district. It’s just because we’re in the same county as the state capital. Very, very frustrating for them, who were so excited. And me, but we have to roll with it because we must, right? We must stay strong!

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  5. I am sorry to admit, but this had me laughing so much, and I must say I am kind of jealous. Hahaha. Nothing like a little chaos to l shake it up a bit. Only you can have this kind of day. And I say that with humor. . May I ask what Kiss song was blasting?😊

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