Dad what on earth have you bought…”

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set — Easy to Play with Cushion & New Dual-End striker for Holistic Healing, Calming & Mindfulness ~ Antique Design

It’s a Tibetan Singing Bowl.


It was really cheap in a Black Friday sale.

Ok Dad but why….”

It offers a multi sensory path to enhanced meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

You’ve just read that from the label.”

Yep you busted me. It does sound good.

So does an 100 inch TV and that would be much more useful. ”

Yes but the TV would not be less than £10. So tomorrow you might catch me sat outside creating some beautiful vibrations and hypnotic, haunting moods.

Can I throw a bucket of water over you.”

What’s it feel like to have a really cool and hip Dad.

I wouldn’t know. I can talk about having a muppet as a parent.”

Ok, do you think I should just use it as an ornament.

“Yes Dad but that still doesn’t change the fact that you are a monumental muppet.”

No I guess it doesn’t, especially when you see what I’ve bought next…..

81 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. I am having a singing bowl treatment about all three months. I love it. It is so relaxing and helps me to sort things out. I would not want to miss it anymore! So, it is not that bad to have one at home…

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      1. It is amazing. And there are wo many different ones which are having different effects. Maybe, it can even support your son’s mental condition. That would be great actually. If you find the fitting bowl for him, it may help him calm and center.

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  2. Awesome!

    Many years ago I spent a small fortune on an indoor fountain with floating brass bowls that chime when they hit stationary bowls… all tuned and pleasant and calming. I love it! I wrote wishes on strips of paper and put them in the floating bowls. But with our dry air, daily water refills became a pain. It’s sat, unused in a corner of my living room for more years than I care to calculate.

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  3. Oh wait I’ve had a spot of random Black Friday Amazon buying today a couple of things I bet your lad will actually love.

    Rain maker and small kalimba / thumb piano. Bet he’d love either or both and they’re under £20.

    One of those Christmas stocking gifts that nobody gets at first but once discovered you just love forever.

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  4. I’d love a singing bowl. Ben would probably steal it and make me tape it to something.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂

    You and Hawklad sound like me and Daughter… much sarcasm! It’s fun to banter and when we do it in public we make people smile. Just like you made me smile!💌💌💌

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      1. Yes! Despite Biff fighting over our drives to look at Christmas lights, we are well. Finding many reasons to smile despite the chaos of the world. It’s now evening on Christmas Day, and exhausted. Hopeful, too. Praying you’ve got some good coming to you, too! xxxxx

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      2. Yup! Had a student contact me on Christmas Day of all days about an assignment, but that’s it. Will have to do work between Christmas and New Year’s but at least they won’t be all day affairs. You make a special Christmas treat? Bo made his cookies again.

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  5. Wait, what? You bought a singing bowl? 🍵
    Now, if you haven’t seen the film already and don’t know why I’m smiling with the memory, then you must watch: All of Me (1984 Film).


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