LOSS in whatever form it takes stays with you. It shapes you. It changes you. It can become you. It can define you.

For a few years it did define me. It did become me. It stopped me living. I basically just existed.

But time moves on. The journey is ongoing.

Loss still stays with me. Yes it’s changed me. But hopefully for the better. It’s taught me the importance of time. Loss made we realise the importance of life.

The next stage of my journey is to move from existing to LIVING.

66 thoughts on “Loss

  1. We’ve experienced many deaths in my family. It’s true, it can take over every waking thought, at least for a while )depending on the individual). Your positive messages have helped me deal with my own losses. November is particularly hard as so many dear ones died in this month. However, life does go on. I remember the good times I had with them and try to honor their memory. I think the gift of grief is how it does make us appreciate life all the more. This is a beautiful post, Gary, so hopeful and inspiring. God bless you. Sending more hugs xo

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      1. You have an incredible amount of stress riding on your shoulders, more so than most and you are handling it. Keep taking care of yourself so you can continue being the best dad ever for Hawklad. Prayers continue for you both, for your health, happiness, and all things good.

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  2. Your partner would be happy to see you thriving!

    So many people are dealing with loss right now. Not just death, but a way of life has been lost because of the pandemic. Jobs, homes, social lives…
    You’ve got plenty of company, finding your way to be your best you and enjoy each day as much as possible. I have no doubts that you’ll do great!💌💌💌

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  3. Yes. Most definitely relate. Loss can certainly shape you. But, as the Lord leads you in this life, it is amazing the places He will take you. Blessings on the journey, friend! 🙂

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  4. Life at the moment has an air of ‘existing’ about it. I sometimes catch myself feeling low about it but recently I’m starting to try and think about all the things I love about life right now. You are living my friend and the futures will bring changes for you and your son to live even more! Xxx

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  5. Put this to mind and see if it fits:
    That it is said that all the things on Earth are still here and do not leave (with exceptions NASA…). Therefore, the essence of all the things we feel we have lost is still here in perhaps a different form. When anything or a person isn’t in eyesight or earshot… they still exist (tree falling in a forest thing). That even when the things or person has changed, they haven’t left the whole of which we are a part of and can be included in our thoughts in a kind way, a creative way a compassionate to ourselves way.
    How’s this and it probably won’t fit you at all, but it is an example of sorts:
    That say a very young child’s favourite tiny hand size doll 🎎 was sat happy within a tree branch 🌳 while the child went off to do something else, forgotten for a moment, but on return the doll had gone. Whatever the doll is now, it still exists here on this planet somewhere and maybe it has had a fantastic adventure with say a squirrel family or another kid or maybe it is now recycled into part of my clingfilm on my sandwich today? 🥪

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  6. The next stage of my journey is to move from existing to LIVING. <–It's amazing! I finally did when I met Jim. I could finally FEEL again. Something more than just 'Ok, I like being with him' to omg………life is FUN again!

    I will always miss Nick. He was the love of my life. Jim is the new love in my life. And I love feeling alive again. You will get there one day too. You will find a woman who makes you see that you can love her, and not lose Hawklad's mum. She will respect that relationship. I wish you love, peace and happiness hun……

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  7. You can do this … you WILL do this, both for yourself and your son. There is still much to live for, my friend, many adventures yet to be embarked on. And remember … we have a date for coffee … one of these days! ☕☕

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