I received a lovely present today in the post. The government support package for Hawklad will expire soon. So I need to reapply. Helpfully they have sent the 50 page application form to complete. I can’t submit the old paperwork and need to have more recent assessments and evidence. That’s a nightmare at the best of times but during a pandemic!!!!!!!

Only thing for it….. A bar of dark chocolate, a decaf coffee and listen to some angry music. Today’s choice, the latest from Roger Waters. That’s one seriously cheesed off artist recording those songs. That fits as that’s the music I would make today. Normal people are forced to jump through hoop after hoop for their kids yet friends of the Government are awarded multi million pound contracts without any due process. Roger Waters would certainly get the irony.

Well I then made a start. Book an appointment for a new assessment from a Paediatrician. On the waiting list. That’s currently a one year wait and growing. It’s a start…. Where’s the next chocolate bar.

But here’s the really scary thing. Our Son is fortunate as he has had some support. We somehow battled through the intentionally difficult minefield to get that. So many are either unsuccessful or are just missed. That’s the children, adult support is almost none existent. Discarded by our society that has its priorities so badly skewed. What’s the answer. Certainly to keep fighting. Most definitely to eat chocolate.

50 thoughts on “Eat chocolate

  1. Gee! Did they wrap the application in Christnas wrap for you. At least you could have had something pretty to look at and then ripped the wrapping to shreds! Sorry! Prayers and keep eating that chocolate! Have some dark chocolate hot cocoa with it too!

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      1. I like him too. I forgot about the album… need to look for it.

        From his performances of The Wall, I had a tshirt made that says “Fear Builds Walls”… anti wall with Mexico, anti tRump. I wore it when I ran errands in Orange Country and someone cheered it but clearly thought it was PRO trump, further showing they’re idiots.

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      2. I have the more recent tour with the footage of him talking about his dad, and the celebrity version of the concert. I can’t find a legal digital copy of the original movie right now.


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