Which side of the fence is best?

I had a call with Hawklads new health specialist. She will (pesky pandemic dependent) come out to see him for the first time in January. Continuity is so important for someone on the spectrum. It takes time to earn trust and confidence. Those bridges when they come down are slow to be rebuilt. Having had a wonderful health lead for three years we are now in a spell of meet one, quickly see one disappear. Fingers crossed this time.

It’s clear what the medical opinion still is. Any meaningful progress is extremely unlikely until this virus is well under control. When it’s clear that the vaccine which has been administered works effectively and does protect. Only then can any progress be realistically contemplated. Prepare to bunker down for 2021. 2022 might be the first gateway to a more open life for our little family. I also have to accept the risk that progress does not happen for Hawklad. Bridges are not built. This is the new world.

I remain clear. It’s Hawklads life. He makes the call. I will support which ever route he goes down.

So will he return to school in January? Most likely NO. Will he make it back before the end of the school year in July. Probably NO. Will he start the new school year in September. Definitely no guarantee.

It feels like we are in one side of a fence. The side that feels limited but safe. The other side of the fence opens up the world, broadens his horizons but…….

30 thoughts on “Fence

  1. It’s a tough call. There is still so much uncertainty. I hope as the vaccine becomes available and its effectiveness is solidified Hawklad will find some peace. I guess we have to let history unfold. My fingers are crossed for a lot of good changes in the year ahead!

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  2. By mid-2021 there should be enough people vaccinated that things will be safer. If he’s not able to make progress with the nurse, medication may help. Honestly, he should probably have been on anxiety meds earlier. This isn’t a new issue with him, right? The germs? And general anxiety?
    I do so hope that he’s able to get past this. The world can be scary, but it’s also beautiful! I’d hate for him to miss that part.

    And you too, Gary. Hawklad needs your support now, for sure. But you need things too.
    Ah… the future will happen as it happens, right? Right! We will just keep looking “on the bright side of life”😉😂💌💌💌


  3. Tje first painting I bought from Marc Johns, who blogged with is back on Vox, has a dotted fence down the middle. On the left is something about “why did you draw me over here? I want to be on the other side. It’s nicer over there.” The other side says, “Too bad.”

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  4. It seems that you can only take one step at a time. It’s impossible not to think of the future and try to plan for it, but with such upheaval now, it’s just not possible to predict. Must be very worrying but I have always been told that worry is a useless emotion. Nice if you can shed it, but how, exactly? Do try to enjoy Christmas. I’m sure you will make it special for Hawklad. XX

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