It’s still a little cold here. Definitely a cold start to 2021.

We have a family tradition. For the last 7 years I’ve taken Hawklad on New Years Day to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Set off at 8am. Get there for when it opens. Spend a few hours wandering round the animals. Then grab a burger and leave before the real crowds arrive.

It’s a lovely tradition that Hawklad loves.

But life happens. Only essential journeys are recommended. Avoid out of area travel.


Hawklad just isn’t in the right frame of mind to go. He is seemingly a million miles from venturing into public places.

So no Wildlife Park visit this New Years Day. So we improvised. A homemade burger and a Pepsi, just like he would have had. A hot donut replaced with a warmed up cake. Then we sat and watched a David Attenborough wildlife TV series.

Not quite the tradition but a decent replacement given what was available to us. 2021 feels like a year for making the best of it.

66 thoughts on “Start with a change

  1. Rather than have Resolutions, I like to have a “motto” as it were every year. This year’s is “try new things”. Even if just a variation on something familiar. Seems like that’s what you’re doing!

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  2. Brilliant!! Way to go Superdad! 💃🏼🌠 That sounds like a perfect way to preserve the spirit of the tradition, but adapted to current circumstances.
    Ya know… you both might look back on this pandemic period as a great time, full of great memories of how you made the best of what you had.
    You SOOO got this!💌💌💌

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