I’m conscious that the posts have been a little dark recently. Let’s try to have a fun one…

This lake is only 3 miles from us. 3 miles of forest, farmland and rolling hills. Only 3 miles but seems so far away. Has it really been a year since we were here last. Wow.

Where does time go.

I was looking at some old photos for Swiss Sunday when I came across two old ones. Back to when someone was a toddler.

Someone asked if he could have Dads sunglasses.

Oh look Dad I’ve pulled your sunglasses apart.

Where does the time go.

71 thoughts on “Oops

  1. The time goes into the black hole of cut cattle, where everything exists in reverse order of recent memories. The closer to the now, the more vivid the memory, and the more distant the more the fade to black and white. It is a survival technique learned to keep the brain from being filled to overcapacity…

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      1. Pretty much, but there is always a little bit left behind, to niggle at you, saying “You had it all, man, but now it’s gone. And you’ll never get it back!”

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  2. If you didn’t have someone to pull you stuff apart life would be very dull. As for the darkness of your recent posts, I can’t say I’ve noticed. Dogs with snow on them, snowdrops, delivery drivers, schools and Yorkshire weather is a good mix of light and dark and, in the person of the delivery driver, comedy gold. Good photo of the lake, I was impressed by the fact I saw the house reflected before I saw the house. No doubt you will modestly try to pass this off as an accident but I know it’s because you have photography superpowers.

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  3. I was looking at old pictures recently too. Pictures of when Ben was a wee one, then pictures of his mother as a wee one… makes me feel old ☹
    Ben feels more like a son, than a grandson🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve been doing the full time parenting thing for 32 years… how is that possible?
    Tempus Fugit indeed!!
    I remind myself of that when some days seem endless, and some time periods are especially bumpy, like now. Before we know it, we’ll be looking back at 2020 as old memories.

    With those eye, it’s probably better for you that you’re isolated. ALL the girls would be chasing after Hawklad😉

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  4. Now that’s a good looking little cherub right there.
    And oh what fun it is to play!

    We really do have to laugh at their antics. They feel so deliciously different about life. It’s a shame that innocence has to fade as times goes by.

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