Not bad mobile camera work given I was bouncing on a trampoline. Who needs to be 7ft tall or balance precariously on ladders…

Yep it’s still wet and that farmers field is a tad damp under foot.

I must admit to being still a bit of a kid at heart. I know it’s not my trampoline but it’s there so why not have a bit of fun. My childhood as deprived of such fun. We never had a bouncy trampoline. Not one of my friends had one. The seaside Yorkshire town never had a public one. The first time I ever bounced was when I tested this one out before Hawklad would venture on to it. I finally have a use as a crash test dummy.

Not only is it fun and can take me back to childhood feelings but trampolining is a great exercise. Not many exercises which are actually fun doing and this easy to do. Plus when I fall and I always fall, it doesn’t hurt. Now it’s a photographic tool. But there is more. It keeps on giving. It’s a great safe store for things like balls. It’s so far been storm and pet proof. AND it’s such a comfy place to lie down on. To cloud watch and to star watch.

Just had a thought. For Pancake Day maybe it’s a super place to get really spectacular pancake tossing going.

I love Hawklad’s trampoline. That’s another little thing to be thankful for during these months of lockdown and isolation. Although I might give it a miss right now for some reason….

69 thoughts on “Trampoline

  1. Is that snow and ice I see on the Trampoline?

    I don’t know if yours is anchored down, but here they tend to become giant flying frisbees in stormy weather unless really well fixed to the ground. They can inflict considerable damage at the end of their flight!

    I’m trying to recall when I saw my first trampoline. I’m confident they didn’t exist as a commercial product when I was a kid in the 1950s, but they were affordable enough for us to buy a small one for our kids in the late 1970s.

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  2. Just add wire around the edge at the bottom and voilà, they make excellent exbatt hen runs 🐤 🐤 🐤 when on a rescue mission. Obviously hens also need night time roost, nest areas… Still, these are brilliant at keeping the rain off as they grow their feathers. 🐥

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      1. A few years back on one of these. The wee man has one and I’ve been on it, but I don’t have a great back. Many years ago I had a vertebrae out of place, dso I didn’t bounce for too long .

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  3. We never had a trampoline. And our garden is too small for one. Our next-door neighbours had one, and my kids had a go on it, at a birthday party, but then somehow were never invited on it again. Hmmm. They’ve since moved so it’s gone now anyway.

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  4. We live on a hill so could never get the big one. Funny enough though, this past weekend Amazon was kind enough to deliver another small one to our house. It has had hours already of jumping fun!

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