Oh no it’s pancakes. I have been let back into the kitchen. How can I wreck the pancakes this year. Like most things baking – they don’t come naturally to me. So this year the ingredients are ready. Carefully measured out.

What could possibly go wrong…

AND the results…..

Where do I start….

Not exactly round. Not exactly fluffy and light think putty. Either to thin or verging on a bread loaf. The taste well I thought ‘delicate, unobtrusive flavouring’ while Hawklad thought ‘tasteless mush only saved by mountains of sugar’.

So somewhere between 5 out of 10 to 1 out of 100. But here’s the thing. Pancake Day was special this year. Really special. It made the day DIFFERENT. In these lockdown times that makes it special.

85 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. We used to have pancakes and sausage for our evening meal sometimes when the girls were young. Any break in routine IS special. IF it’s an acceptable break😉

    You’re not fooling me with that bad cook act anymore😉😂😂😂💌💌💌

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      1. no not usually just a hunk of dough deep fried in lard..it has something to do with using up all the fat around before lent…its also called Fat Tuesday traditionally..i am not of that ritual and dogma but did taste a few and not a fan

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      1. well… bto they are one thing I can do pretty well..but ere I sound arrogant I have had disasters AND they were aye when we were having visitors..(I do savoury as well as sweet. The savoury I do a cream cheese, cream and chilli sauce on whatever is going on them, mushrooms, salmon, chicken, veg.) I have seen me greeting as another batch went in the bin with like 30 mins to spare and one egg left. I find it is all down to, the heat in the pan, using oil not butter and plain flour. I also have a nice recipe for jacques where you put diced apple and cinnamon in the mis and use orange juice instead of milk or water. You keep them small. They are tasty served with cream and a dash of jam, syrup or honey.


  2. Ah, pancakes! Nothing like English pancakes. Used to have sugar and lemon or sometimes treacle (too sweet). Yours have the right look about them and I’m sure they were fine. That lad can try making them himself and see if he does better!

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  3. I’m glad it was special. That makes me smile. I had all the ingredients but my boys ended up goading each other into an argument, were both rude so I pulled the plug on the whole thing. I’m very sad about that now. Xxx

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  4. Once I discovered pancake mix where I only add water, I never looked back. No more pancakes from scratch for me! With my system no longer being keen on wheat, eggs, or milk, I generally don’t make pancakes. But your effort for Hawklad is applauded – even if they were tasteless mush.

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  5. Today, even the worst of all pancakes is a treat. Yours don’t look … ahem … well, not awful anyway. Edible, perhaps, with enough maple syrup and either raspberries or chocolate chips. Hugs! And Happy Belated Pancake Day!

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