Still that kind of weather. Might leave the sunbathing for another day or so.

So school is open. Here we go again.

Four lessons today. Two with work provided. Two without.

Ok Dad I’ve emailed the teacher to ask them what I’m supposed to be doing but haven’t received anything back. So I’m going to look at History. I know what they are looking at next year so might as well focus on that. “

What are you going to look at then.

It’s Crime and Punishment from Victorian times. So might as well start with Jack the Ripper, hangings and Victorian prisons.”

That’s nice.


What happened to the days of watching The Tellytubbies……

37 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment

  1. Is that Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment? At first, I was nodding and thinking, “Good book!” But then I remembered that I read that at a much older age than Hawklad. Let alone all the other material! Sheesh! That is college level stuff!

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  2. I guess Hawklad will be prepared for “horse whip” dude🤦🏼‍♀️

    Ben never had a Teletubbies phase… He has always been a zombies, and Johnny Depp fan. Corpse Bride was okay, but did he *have* to be such a fan of Sweeney Todd?🤦🏼‍♀️

    Stay warm!!💌💌💌

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  3. I am partial to LaLa and Tinky Winky myself.
    As for Crime And Punishment…If someone can stand aside and vent about that,they have more attention span than me. Yay them!!!😁😁

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  4. My son, who is grown, came in here earlier and said I found a good garfield video you’d like. So I go over to where he said and watch some really weird video that had me looking back at him asking, and you thought I’d like this….why? He only laughed, but like you I was wondering, where did that young boy go?


  5. Everyone has a fascination with Jack the Ripper no? I mean I do. Always has intrigued me and am not sure why. It reads now a days like a movie except here the mystery just carries on and on. The fact that he is beginning to gravitate more to the courses that are of interest to him is more important than that jackass idea of schooling that they have over there. Do I remember the stuff I learned in school? Barely. Do I use what I learned in school at all in my day to day life? Math a little bit but not really. My job is based on how I treat people. It is something innate within me that I am really good at. T keeps asking why they have to go to school to learn all this stuff they will never use and I do not know how to answer him. They are setting up a student advisory committee here to work with the Minister of Education in shaping how the future of education will look. They are going to use kids aged 14-18. I think this is a brilliant idea. Will it work? We will have to wait and see but in my opinion rather forward thinking. (Now watch this has been happening for the last ten years or so in other provinces and here I am lauding ours for being forward thinking lol lol lol ) Hugs to you and Hawklad.

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      1. You would think. But that would mean admitting that children have ideas worth listening to. Something that seems unlikely to happen in that backwards school system over there


  6. Oh gosh on JTR and hangings, yeah the Teletubbies is exact opposite that for sure! LOL! But honestly the teletubbies drove me and my husband CRAZY! The kids were only allowed to watch them at Grandma’s! LOL! 🙂

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  7. Eek, not a nice bit of history to look at! I didn’t know they taught stuff about jack the ripper? In my opinion thats way too heavy for hawklad to be learning. Xx


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