Wind back the clock 20 years and a couple walked along a country lane and thought we must try that narrow path that runs along by those trees. Where would it take us.

Virtually every single time that couple walked that lane one voice would mention the need to walk that tree lined path.

20 years, 15 years….

Then it became a family of 3. Still they walked that lane and pondered that mysterious path.

10 years, 5 years….

The TIME ran out. Time ran out for that couple, that family. Since then the bereaved partner has finally run down that path. Found out where it led to. Definitely beautiful but such a powerful symbol of missed opportunity. The dangers of thinking that you have plenty of time. in reality the clock is always TICKING.

43 thoughts on “Ticking

  1. This is such an important reminder, Gary! We never know what happens the next moment and should not postpone things, at least not those that seem to mean something to us.

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  2. So true. Time waits for no man OR women. We must do our best to make the most of each day and sieze our opportunities while we still have them. Very wise post. Stay out of the rain Superdad. Don’t be too super.

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  3. I’m sorry your partner didn’t get to see where that path went, but I’m glad you went for both of you!
    This is a good reminder that we aren’t guaranteed anything beyond this exact moment, and also to appreciate where we are and what we have.

    Wisdom, you have gained😉💌💌💌

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  4. Oh the gift of not knowing and keeping something a mystery. How many wonderful dreams come from not knowing what is beyond the little hill or past the bend in a road or between those trees… and yes sometimes there’s the gift of finding out, but not always and that doesn’t take anything away from the experience.

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      1. Like the people online, we mostly don’t know what they look like and the mystery of that can be all sorts of thinking. I could be anyone, you can imagine anything and still there is the mystery, but yes you got the truth I am your friend (online).

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      2. 🔑 ‘n key ta eur good friend, will be ta allus gi’ their version o’ th’ truth 😳 as an answer. E’en when 😟 theur chuffin dooant like it 😡 ‘n’ risk upsetting, an’ ‘e’en appen gettin um 🤬 mega wrath. 👺 ‘oweva, fake friends 😘 will allus play th’ cleva part 😇 ‘n’ say 🤐 Llareggub art o’ place. Therefooar, allus expect uz version o’ th’ truth 📋✏️ as ah ‘ope ta allus read yourn. 💻


  5. So true. The clock never stops. And right now I wish it would simultaneously stop and leap ahead about 3-4 years. Being on the precipice of Little Man finishing high school, when we talk about what’s next he instantly becomes overwhelmed and has a panic attack. Every. Time.

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  6. Maybe a subtle urging from the universe to take the road less traveled when it presents itself. I believe she was with you when you finally did take the path. 🌟💛

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