The 6 week summer school break is only a month away now. Not long. 30 days. Lots to do in that time. Even more after today.

Hawklad has decided that he wants a stress free as possible summer. Summer is difficult as he can remember the summer of 2016. First day of the summer holidays his granny died and then as the school returned he lost his mum. So summer can be tough even without his current anxieties levels.

Stress free means reducing exposure to those triggers that can escalate his worries. And what is one of the most common triggers. Movies and TV shows. I’ve frequently talked about how often story lines involve death, illness, broken families……

So I have a task. Compile a list of movies and shows that Hawklad can watch which are SAFE. No sadness, no illness, no bereavements. 6 weeks is a long time, so it’s going to have to be some list.

Here’s my list so far


Scooby Doo


Alvin and the Chipmunks




Ice Age

Banana Splits

Wallace & Gromit

Kicking and Screaming


Willie Wonker

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Space Jam


The Incredibles

Home Alone

Night at the Museum

The Lego Movie

Fantastic Mr Fox

Big Mommas House

Cool Running

Red Dwarf

The Office (US) but avoiding a couple of episodes

Inspector Gadget

Pink Panther

Three Amigos

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Remember no triggers. For example The Guardians of the Galaxy – top movie but just NO to the start…. For example Mary Poppins Returns – great movie but mum dies…. For example the Disney movie I’ve forgotten the name of at the weekend , really good apart from the one line about a serious illness.

71 thoughts on “Safe list

      1. When you don’t have to be aware, we see movies like Frozen as just another animated movie. Most kids may acknowledge the deaths, but the rest of the movie will move them beyond that. Which means as adults we don’t lock that into memory. But in your case, and those in similar circumstances, it is a dangerous trigger. I was sitting here trying to think of movies and everything I came up with wasn’t suitable.


  1. Home Alone 2 is also a great movie.

    Just a heads up that Frozen features the death of both parents of the main characters. Still a great movie but may be potentially triggering for Hawklad.

    I hope you both enjoy your summer together!

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  2. I’m pretty sure that the first Ice Age, the wooly mammoth (I forget his name now) is dealing with the death of his family. His wife and child were killed by humans, and they show this (in a rock drawing animation). In Frozen, their parents die. I haven’t watched the Paddington movies, but his parents are killed in a Earth Quake, originally. So he moves in with bear Aunty, but then she goes to the retirement home for Bears. I think his Uncle dies in a earthquake too? I haven’t really watched the modern Paddington Bear films though.

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  3. No good asking me about emotions, as I well up at the drop of a hat. I’m catching up with the rest of the world just now, by watching Pretty Woman. Surely, you can imagine my rollercoaster ride. I know, I know, don’t call you Shirley.

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    1. How about this to occupy some of your time. Ich habe eine Idee:
      Nehmen Sie etwas von dieser RIESIGEN, nach Süden ausgerichteten Terrasse. Stellen Sie es nach vorne, für eine coolere kleine Terrasse für zwei Jungen und einen verrückten Hund. Wo Sie die Platten entfernen, pflanzen Sie etwas Tolles, das die Sonne liebt. 🌻 🍇 Sie könnten ein paar zertrümmern und einen verrückten Weg “Gelbe Ziegelstraße” machen. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

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      1. p.s. Before anyone asks, no I don’t live near, but yes “Aunty” is clever to work out the garden and think the redesign with the help of Google Maps [Satellite] view.

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  4. Tall order (No sadness, no illness, no bereavements). So anyways, I hope these could be alright, but I cannot remember 100% so it’s a maybe these are good to go: The Lorax (ethical stuff); Wall-E; A Bug’s Life (giggles over “This tastes like… “); Chicken Run (has sad, but “I don’t want to be a pie” helps); Herbie; Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit; Cool Runnings; Shaun the sheep (I don’t care how old I am, I love watching all of these in the series); Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle (The newer one, not the first); ​ The Goonies; Dr. Dolittle; Karate Kid; Toy Story; Muppet Movie (original, not the new and improved); Monsters Inc.; Howl’s Moving Castle; Wreck-It Ralph (Aunty’s grandchildren would watch this over and over at one point, and yes ​grandchildren); Kung Fu Panda; Flubber ; George of the jungle (I’m pretty sure that doesn’t have none of the above ‘sad, ill grief’ in it); Night at the Museum.

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  5. I love that Red Dwarf is on your list. My daughter really likes Friday Night Dinner and Taskmaster. Films she loves that might be suitable are Flushed Away, Despicable Me, Sonic, the Shaun The Sheep movie, Minions, Early Man, Peanuts Movie.

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  6. Howard the Duck I think might be okay. I saw it in theaters lol and it was the first one I thought of when you asked for movies after I read your list. I will see if I can think of any others. Bugs Bunny had a movie out as well.

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  7. Good list! Here are some others that might work: Big, The Truman Show, Ratatouille, Aladdin, Ferris Bueller, The Karate Kid, Back to the Future.
    Also, D is into puppet making and currently making one of the banana splits. I had no idea who this character or show was – it was funny to see it on your list!

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  8. That’s already impressive. I am no use at this. Only thing I can think of is probably not obtainable. Very old French movie..hardly any dialogue “Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday.” Actor Jacques Tati. Very funny,,,,but Hawklad may think it bizarre…it’s how life was way back…


  9. Spongebob?? The Cat Returns & Kiki’s Delivery Service are other Ghibli that are okay. What about The Harry Potter & LOTR movies? Do you skip Harry Potter cuz, like everyone dies?

    I love My Neighbor Totoro, but the mom is sick in hospital… she recovers, but probably not a good reminder.


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      1. Not only would my son not watch Disney films, but my sister-in-law passed on a big box filled with a ton of VHS tapes (this was a while back) of Veggie Tales (animated children’s stories that teach the values of the Bible and have a few biblical references, and the characters are mostly vegetables) and the first one he ever watched scared him so badly he wouldn’t watch any others. They’re nice entertainment and teachings, but I have to chuckle because my son was born with such sensitivity that he doesn’t need to be told right and wrong by a book. It came built in.


  10. The Secret Life of Pets 1 +2 are favorites of mine. Pretty much pure fun, no one dies and no one is sick. And since you have both a dog and a cat, I bet it would be hilarious to watch with them in mind 🙂

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  11. Let’s see what about Homeward Bound. Shaggy DA oldie, if I think if more i will let you know. And in the second Mary Poppuns the mum dies? Why did they do that? 🙄Love the original one so good!


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