Parenting is usually long spells of embarrassment interspersed with the occasional chance for the parent to shine. In my case very very occasional shines. But when they come, it’s such a sweet smell of awesomeness.

Now in an ideal world the awesomeness is when mum or dad breaks a sporting record, climbs Everest or manages to discover a new chemical element or wins The Great British Bake Off.

But in my case I will gratefully take any win.

Hawklad was doing a Pokemon Quiz on TV and getting every answer correct. Doing better than the contestants on TV. I sat there quietly. Then it was my moment.

A question the contestants were struggling with. A question Hawklad had clearly got wrong. Muppet Dad stepped in….

I think you will find that is in fact a Poliwhirl as you will notice the direction of the swirl on its tummy. It is reversed in it’s pretty evolution state…..”

Staggeringly Dad was right. Where did that come from. Clearly too many Pokemon shows playing in the background have secretly seeped into my brain through subconscious learning. But for a few glorious moments I basked in the rays of success. All too short lived as in the next minute I had managed to miss my mouth while drinking tomato soup. Basking in manga success doesn’t work so well in a soup covered white T-shirt.

But I will take that….

24 thoughts on “Pokemon

  1. Any win is a win!🌠🤣

    I don’t remember very much about Pokémon. Older Daughter collected the cards back in the 90s… she had some great holographic sets of the 3 stages of a few. Then she grew out of it, and now she plays again. I know she wishes she still had those binders full of cards😉



      1. Well, I tried to watch the first Harry Potter movie, but walked out half way through. It made no sense, even though I love SF, and certain kinds of F.


  2. White T-shirts are food magnets. 🤣😂🤣😂 I managed a nice yellow turmeric stain on my white shirt last night while attempting to eat rice. Those leaky chins and white tops…. bad combo. 🙃


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