While I was rummaging around the loft I came across a box from mums old house. Inside I found all sorts of things. Decades old bus timetables, shopping lists, out of date vouchers, instructions from long lost video recorders, random keys and coins from long defunct foreign currencies. My mum had a philosophy – you never know when you might need this. Actually the answer was invariably – NEVER.

But as I still have the box I must clearly have signed up to mums philosophy. But I did find and one of my old school reports. All pretty boring apart from the Home Economics page. I quote

He shows some talent in cooking. He has mastered a number of baking recipes. He has produced some very good bread loafs and cakes.”

Wow. What went wrong……

40 thoughts on “What went wrong

  1. Last year my mother asked me to start cleaning out one of her storage buildings-they have several. I found a box that held similar to your findings. Our cleaning was interrupted for quite a while as we paid a visit to the past. Turns out I wasn’t as bad in school as I recalled nor were my brothers as exceptional as once thought. Of course then mom separated everything per individual and sent it home with us. I haven’t been back to do any more cleaning as I fear what she may send my way next.

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