Kirkham is a former Augustinian Priory that was founded in 1120. It was active until 1539 when it was surrendered as part of the King’s dissolution of the monasteries.

During WWII it was used as a test site for the D-Day Landing preparations. A site so important that it was visited by the King and Winston Churchill.

It’s amazing that there was anything left at all after that.

It’s now been visited by Hawklad. Far less destructive.

Another important step.

A full car park but a large enough site that no one hardly ever came too close. As Hawklad points out, about 30m is the sweet spot. The ideal social distancing. Any closer than that and people start to make him uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem much but that is progress. At least we don’t run for cover at the first sight of others….

A couple of times the 30m gap was broached. Once by a friendly Alsatian, that was acceptable. Once by a woman about my age. This resulted in Hawklad pulling his hoody over his head in Sith Lord style and he gave her the full Paddington stare. When that failed to work he decided to hide behind a large piece of history until she had walked off. I later asked why he didn’t put his mask on. The response was worryingly ‘I really wanted to but no one else was wearing them and I didn’t want to stand out’.

That social pressure is a concern. If he does return to the classroom in September then it will only work if he can take the steps he needs to manage his anxieties. The worst thing would be if he was forced into situations that he is really uncomfortable with. If the class doesn’t wear masks then will he wear his when he needs it.

So yes another step forward but there are so many more still to be taken.

35 thoughts on “Kirkham

  1. Such cool history so close to you! I live right outside of Philadelphia, which is history cool, but our history started so much later than yours. I like seeing and hearing about your historical remains since they date so much farther back and paved the way for so much ahead.

    I am still waiting to hear what our school district is going to do. My oldest is in the middle of football camp and has to wear a mask when they are training inside the school. That is not the school’s dictation but the football coach’s order. I think they are expecting 100% inside school, or we have a 100% cyber academy choice – but no more 50/50. The district is not making masks mandatory as of early July but I am waiting for that to change (and to see what each of us do).


  2. If he can be convinced that wearing a mask is acceptable, then things may take on a different look in respect to attending school. Lovely photos. The black and white effect makes them more authentic 👍


  3. It’s hard when you’re a kid and don’t want to stand out. Easy for us to say “so what?” or “don’t worry about it”, but kids do and kids can be so cruel. Fascinating historical sight.


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