Yes it’s fast approaching. Do you feel the baking love.

We would love you to take part as well!! Please send your baking photos and ideas into:

Already Mel is receiving lots of recipes, photos, poems and song suggestions. Please remember this is an INCLUSIVE festival. If it’s wonderful baking, we LOVE it. If it’s a baking abomination, we LOVE it.

Talking about abominations it’s time I got going. Baron Frankenstein has erected the lighting rod and has started bringing to life baking monsters.

Today’s horror is a loaf of bread. A cheese loaf. A loaf with the light, moist, tender, soft, airy and springy nature of weapons grade reinforced stainless steel. It might be a bread horror but it’s LOVED.

42 thoughts on “Great Blogger Bake Off

  1. That looks like it could stop a bullet. I admire your jaw muscles. One of my favourites is Hairy Bikers’ Potato Bread but I have only made it three times because it is so difficult getting the flour into the potato. And that was in my pr-arthritis days!


  2. I was all {{{giggles}}} and “What the?” just now, it must be so solid! It’s almost looking as solid as the loaf I made that the hens wouldn’t (perhaps couldn’t) eat. Tell me more about the texture and taste to let me judge it better.


  3. Didn’t you win a prize in last year’s baking contest? I think perhaps you should practice … and practice, and practice some more, for that cheese loaf rather looks as if it was dug up along with the fossilized remains of some critter! However, I would try it … after updating my life insurance policy! Just kidding … I’m sure it was great! ❤


  4. It doesn’t matter how it looks, only how it tastes. I made the experience that those results that look like failed or “horror” are tasting the best. I like how your cheese loaf 😊


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