Another dawn start by the Yorkshire coast. No albatross this morning but so worth the 3.30am alarm call.

Birdwatching and an attempt to re-establish social bridges.

It’s the perfect time for Hawklad to do a bit of bird spotting. You have the site largely to yourself. The sound of the sea and thousands of birds is very soothing. It’s a good way for him to focus on something different. Something which distracts him from those daily anxieties. He can feel at one with nature.

Then the occasional early morning birdwatcher turned up. It’s a big site so they kept their distance. For a couple of hours no one came within 100 yards of us. Maybe I’m scaring them off – early morning starts do nothing for my granite like features. Definitely a face for radio. As more birders took up position Hawklad became less relaxed. More anxious glances over the shoulder. Making sure no one is approaching.

By 8am more people are turning up. Still maybe no more than a few dozen in total. Too many for Hawklad so we leave and head back home. Giving people wide berths on paths. Picking the least busy route through a slowly filling up car park. Getting back to the car then using had wash for several minutes. Carefully rinsing the mouth out with mouthwash.

This still feels like a million miles from venturing back into shops and enclosed spaces. So far away from crowds. A return to school is potentially just a month away. The first step has to be feeling comfortable with crowds and strangers outside. Only then can the ficus shift to inside matters.

Another step forward but I’m not sure how much more of those social bridges were built.

31 thoughts on “Smaller birds

  1. Every step forward is one step closer to establishing those bridges.

    Waking up at 3:30 is major hardcore commitment! But what a reward you and Hawklad got with that view and that sunrise experience! 💕👍


  2. Slow and steady, you and Hawklad will get there. I remember you writing about how he wouldn’t leave the house at all, so there is movement. The scenery is beautiful and you are so wise and so dedicated. Sending loving hugs and prayers for continued forward movement.


  3. He will get there, and if he doesn’t. He has you. That looked so peaceful. I’d never have wanted to leave. You ever get that feels by where something is so beautiful it makes you want to cry? Well, I just did❤️


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