There is nothing better than sneaking into the open washing machine as it’s being loaded with clothes. Select a lovely sock and then leg it outside. Once the sock is outside then it’s lost to the wilds…

If only some other things could be lost to the wilds.

With the Great Bloggers ‘Festival of Love’ Bake-Off fast approaching it was time for another creation. Yes it was time to move to Def Con 3.

I tried to keep this simple. A basic sponge cake. Dairy and Gluten Free. Well it started well, with carefully measured out ingredients then the first disaster. For some reason my mind mixed up 20ml of tepid water with 320ml…. Talk about a mucky swimming pool. Not quite the smooth batter I was looking for.

I’m sad to say I panicked. I grabbed the flour jar and just poured. But why was the flour brown…. Yes I had grabbed the cocoa tin. Then I checked the next tin, this one had white contents. But as I poured it became clear this was caster sugar. By the time I had found the proper flour tin the cake mic was looking a right mess. Hawklad recommended that the best course of action was now just to randomly add more ingredients. So we added cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, orange peel and maple syrup.

The end result. Well it looks like a cake. Bizarrely it’s feels like a cake. As for the taste….. Well love can take many forms, but this cake probably isn’t one of those…

Do you feel the baking love.

We would love you to take part as well!! Please send your baking photos and baking ideas into:


Already Mel is receiving so many fantastic submissions and the occasional disaster 😂😂😂😂.

49 thoughts on “Socks and Cakes

  1. Just a tip for next time. Save the maple syrup to pour over the concoction afterwards. It looses its flavour entirely when cooked.

    As for Captain Chaos, if he doesn’t charm the socks off anyone who sees those snapshots, then they have no heart.

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  2. 😂😂 I used to be really good at baking…I think I should revive my passion for mixing ingredients in that way… many would benefit from just my baked products.😉😉

    I really don’t mean to appear cocky but that really looks like bread…🙈

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      1. One day I will have to tell the tale of the Grantham Gingerbread, the Scones That Went Badly Wrong. and the Peppermint Creams with Blue Bits in Them. You are not alone in your baking failures, but I was at least able to feed my worst ones to the pigs.

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