If you look in the right direction and it looks like Summer in Yorkshire. For those cloud spotters out there, can you see the really chubby bird being chased my two smaller, slightly more streamlined birds…

Turn in the other direction and it’s grey as more weather is about to sweep over us.

Yes Sunday the 15th is cool here. That cool that the car heater was given a much needed whirl.

That’s just over 3 weeks to schools reopening here. Yesterday another trip out. Another attempted step towards bridge building. Yesterday’s trip felt a little more discouraging. Having seen Hawklad’s extreme anxiety at being within just a few paces away from a handful of strangers, 3 weeks does not seem much time at all. He was spooked by people not wearing masks. Spooked by strangers not interested in social distancing. This was outside. A million miles away from an over crowded classroom with no social distancing. In cramped rooms with inadequate ventilation. Places which have always been a breeding ground for germs and bugs. Places which are frequently unpleasant places to sit for hours. Not conducive environments for learning. It was that way when I was at school, it hasn’t changed now my son is there.

As other countries invest millions in installing classroom ventilation my so called Government has decided to trial ventilation in 30 schools in one small city. See how that goes for 6 months or more, then systematically review the results. Only after that can they start to think about better ventilation for schools. So maybe in a couple of years time, maybe some money can be found. Strange how on the eve of a vital Climate Change world summit, the Government approved a giant new oil and gas field within days…


So today we will try to head out again. To a different destination. Try to find another place to visit which is slightly less busy with more space. Try for another step forward. Maybe these steps may need to start heading in a different direction. One not focused to heavily on forcing an imminent return to the classroom.

30 thoughts on “Direction

  1. England stinks at times. My daughter got an email from college to say that this year Isobelle will be working on independent living, which is the most stupid idea they could come up with. She doesn’t eat if not told too. When she is there she doesn’t know when she needs the toilet so always a change of clothing. Just 2 of everything you can think of. I don’t swear but they are bloody stupid 😡

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      1. Play shopping with her, because she can’t go in, and would have no idea of how to pay. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know it will never happen. God give me strength


  2. Straight off, without looking at the written words, the first photo has a cloud that looks like the head of Ichabod Crane looking to the left at two ducks flying away. 🦆🦆


  3. Is there any way of advertising at the gate, then a week later putting a table out the front. Putting it on the lawn, with things on for sale or free? Your backs to home and 🪑 two seats 🪑 at a little distance for youz twoz to sit upon to watch the table as-and-when. I’m saying this, so you might interact with the locals and even if Hawklad doesn’t, he can sit at a safe distance taking it all in. Just at a specific time, for a specific amount of time on one day (check the weather forecast).

    Oh and chips 🍿 wi’ curry sauce perhaps:


  4. Our school district just went back to wearing masks. You wouldn’t believe the tizzy some parents are in right now demanding their child should not have to wear one and will pull them out of school. Geez.


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