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Already Mel has received so many fantastic submissions and the occasional disaster 😂😂😂😂.

Ok time for Sunday Blogger Bake Off Entry . A heart shaped Carrot Cake. First problem… No carrots…. I foolishly used them all up while making Sunday Lunch. The garden ones are out of bounds as Captain Chaos has been wee’ing on them. I’m not driving today so just have to make do again. But no viable alternatives. No pumpkin, no zucchini, no pineapple, no coconut. Then the madness set in. Carrot is ORANGE. Cheese is also Orange and can be shredded. Lactose free cheese was added…..

So now it’s a heart shaped cheese cake.

Then the shaping issues. The carefully moulded HEART shaped cake fell to bits.

So I give you a bit of a disaster cake. Presentation needs a bit of refinement. The actual cheese tasting cheese cake is interesting. Think sweet spice. Think cheddar cheese. It kinda works. But do I serve it with custard or with butter.

28 thoughts on “No Carrots hurt during baking

  1. I’m sending this as no entry, just telling the disaster of lifting a pan of boiling macaroni water with a right hand that sometimes doesn’t work. Second degree burns on my leg so it will be a while before I boil anything again😳🙄No worries I am in the mend but I think my baking lifting pans into and out of oven days are over too.😫

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      1. I can’t believe what I ate yesterday:
        1) One slice of bread and marg for lunch.
        2) Pot noodle for supper, with some crisps.
        [THE END]
        In my defence, the day didn’t go they way I expected and I was a bit knackered by the time I got home. However, today there is more opportunity to do better.


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