Autumn is coming…..

Basically we have had about 36 hours of rain and drizzle. I looked up the weather stats and for hours of sunshine it has ZERO for two days now. I can’t remember the last time I went looking for the sun cream. Probably back into early July.

Perfect weather for rhubard….

Another hit on the return to school journey for Hawklad.

He is still struggling to be close to others, even outside. His trusted Psychologist has now left and we are waiting news on a replacement. The one restaurant he was considering trying to go inside for a meal, burnt down….

So it’s not been straightforward but he is still trying.

He was hoping to see a close friend early this week. Spend time at the friends house. Another important step. But we got a telephone call. His friend has Covid.

A September classroom return is seemingly becoming more problematic for Hawklad. A

utumn might see more homeschooling.

38 thoughts on “Autumn

      1. We’ve definitely got the hot sunshine, that’s for sure! 🙂 Trying to gear up for a new term. A little bummed I didn’t get the writing done that I wanted to, but that’s just how it goes. We gotta keep moving forward.


  1. It probably feels like one thing after another. And it’s often hard to stay motivated isn’t it? But keep chipping away at it, each thing that is achieved is a step forward.
    Oh – and don’t post pictures of Sloes, unless your preparing to send me some in the post – I havnt had time myself to go out and pick my own!!! I don’t think my usual sloe gin will be happening this year.


  2. I am very sorry that it has been a challenging and hard few weeks for Hawklad. I hope his friend gets better and I hope he is able to return to in-person learning safely and comfortably this fall.


  3. I feel for him so much, it’s one knock after another. I am glad Albert appeared when he did, and that he has such exceptional baking productions to enjoy. But I know he needs so much more to rely on outside of your home.


  4. So sorry about Hawklad’s friend. When he is over it, will your lad be nervous of visiting? Maybe if his friend can talk about what it was like, it will help? Maybe not. I hope the friend is OK and doesn’t have a bad case. Sorry you have so many obstacles. XX


  5. I am saddened that Hawklad has had so many roadblocks on his path. Home schooling may be your only option by the sounds of it. Whatever the future may bring, I wish you both the very best, always.


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