Almost too wet for the iPhone to cope….. That’s wet……

Later in the day, thankfully we can finally record a few hours of sunshine.

It doesn’t look like it but the fields are drenched. Two miles away a large concert became a mud bath at the weekend. Thankfully tractors came to tow cars out of the field car park. A Yorkshire summer….

As clouds roll in and the once again hidden sun sets, I find myself in the backroom. Putting off work that needs to be done this evening by writing these words. Listening to crackly copy of The Godfather soundtrack on vinyl which kinda sums up my mood. Drinking Chamomile tea to try to sooth a nervous stomach which isn’t very happy. Feeling fatigued after far too little sleep again, yet realising insomnia will win out again tonight. Hawklad is in the living room trying to forget about his rising anxieties. He’s playing games online with a close friend who has COVID. Yes a very Yorkshire summer……

33 thoughts on “A Yorkshire Summer

  1. I was too tired to go to bed last night, but fell asleep on the settee. I did drag my sorry arse up to bed eventually, after waking there with a stiff neck. Early start with a slightly sore neck, but it’s manageable. so there’s that and “It is what it is.”

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      1. More cushions on the settee tonight, so this time I woke with cold legs instead. It’s no good this falling asleep on the settee m’larky! Better a nice warm beddy bye byes 🛌 me thinks, but thinking don’t always come into it, do it.


  2. I can almost smell that new-mown hay. It’s funny, I can only remember sunny summers from the years I grew up in Yorkshire. I guess my memory is very selective. Keep supping that chamomile tea, Gary, that’s what’s in my cup this morning.


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