Is the pandemic over. Have I missed something.

Yesterday I took Hawklad for a drive through takeout at the local Taco Bells. The drive through was coned off. After much reassurance Hawklad let me go inside to buy him some food.

Well I was wearing a mask and keeping my distance……..

The only other person with a mask was the lad preparing the food. The girl taking the orders, the chap making drinks and the person on the till were maskless. Everyone inside at the tables were maskless. Even the customers who came in after me were maskless. I even had to ask the person behind me to move back as he was no more than a foot away from me. AND the looks I got. No comments this time as I think my eyes gave away the current mood level. What’s the phrase – if looks could kill……

So have I missed something. Is it over…..

Just had an email from school saying that masks are still recommended on school buses but they are not required in any part of the school including classrooms. All social distancing rules have ceased. This follows Government instructions to schools. The email also notified parents that from the opening of schools next week, classes will now not be sent home if there is a positive case in the class. A significant outbreak would have to occur for that to happen. That decision would now not be the schools to take, it was up to area officials. Further if positive cases occur in a household then the any pupils are expected to still attend school until they test positive. Parents will now not be automatically informed of any school or class outbreaks. They will not be informed of any close contact with confirmed cases. This will only occur when a threshold of infection is reached. The school is seeking clarification on these new rules but they will have to follow them as they are Government instructions.

So have I missed something. Is it over…..


The Government was asked in a Freedom of Information Request to reveal what its own expert advice said about its school mask removal policy. The Government has refused to release that advice or a summary of the expert opinion as it is ‘not in the public interest to release that information’. I wonder what it says…….

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  1. It’s pretty much over here in Denmark. No masks, no distance requirements, the last restrictions lifted from today; the nightlife was given the all-clear so the clubs and pubs are fully in gear again now and people went nuts for it. Also, from the 10th Covid-19 will no longer be listed as a public health crisis since 71% of the population are fully vaccinated. Sure, it will probably flare up over winter, especially in the non-vaccinated youth but most of them won’t get seriously ill, neither will the vaccinated so our health system won’t suffer. I guess it will be more or less regarded the same as the common flu; just something we have to live with and maybe get a shot for every year. It’s back to normal. apparently.

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    1. Our province, Alberta, Canada, is over 70% double vaccinated, but our 4th wave numbers are the highest in the country. Our daily new cases are over a 1000 every day now, out of a population of about 4.5 million. Our government told us the pandemic was over, but only the anti-vaxxers believed them. Just to let you know, about 15% of the new cases are fully-vaccinated people, at least one of whom died within a week of contracting covid.
      If I were you I would be extra cautious. Give it two weeks, and your numbers will rise, again.
      We are now as bad as ever we were in any of the first three waves. The government has been silent for almost a month now…

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      1. More variants are coming, so probably more waves. Jason Kenney is trying to tell us that Covid is less dangerous then flu. He is the real danger here.
        From the news it seems like Ford at least understands the threat Covid is posing. I could be wrong.

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  2. All I have to say is, time will tell. Right now where I live (in US where COVID first burst on the scene in a nursing home an hour from me), despite a somewhat decent vaccination rate, hospitals are quite full thanks to the Delta variant. Vaccines have very recently been approved for ages 12 and older, so some may have received one shot as school is beginning. With the Delta variant being more contagious than the original one, I wonder how many schools around here will end up shutting down for a while like they did a few winters ago because of regular flu, simply because so many kids were out sick at the same time and couldn’t learn. They can’t socially distance in classrooms when there are 25-30 kids in a room. Although our state recently mandated wearing masks again in businesses, stores and schools, etc. I’m so sorry for your situation.

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  3. It’s not over! We’re wearing mask, happily I would say, students are not that keen. But you can see more and more people in the stores not wearing masks. We’re in school, but I took my students to do I project outdoors for the past few weeks, so we don’t have that many contacts in doors at the moment. The situation is changing all the time and this is not the time to fell in the feeling of security when it comes to this epidemic. Good luck!

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  4. Some district over here closed all schools due to an outbreak. 1 unvaxed teacher, who took off her max to read a story to young students, was the source of 29 known infections – 27 of which were students.

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  5. If your schools will not stand up for their students and staff, SOMEONE MUST! Who is left to stand up? Parents, and the students themselves. Keep Hawklad home. Ask any other parents to keep their kids home. Schools are not safe! Chi.den are dying!

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      1. The government here screamed and yelled, but the school divisions stuck to their guns. If the government had tried to withhold funds, the citizens of Alberta would have gone ballistic. If Brits won’t go ballistic, then I have very little hope for the future of your nation. There has to be a line the people refuse to cross. Education should be such a line.

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  6. Look what you typing ‘ – if looks could kill … ‘ started:
    They probably will!!!

    As Hans plays with Lotte, Lotte plays with Jane
    Jane plays with Willi, Willi is happy again
    Suki plays with Leo, Sacha plays with Britt
    Adolf builds a bonfire, Enrico plays with it

    Oh and if I was you reading that email from the bloody school, I’d probably make quite few manic {{{laughs}}} similar to Mad Hatter 🎩 at 2:58 in this 👑 clip:

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  7. The past couple of months have been interesting. I think everyone is mindful of how in London it is very easy to get too close to comfort especially on public transport. Masks are required on public transport, but not in shops or restaurants. Some shops and services ask their customers to wear masks and observe social distancing still, but it is not really enforced, it is left to individuals to decide. As far as I can see, there are still a significant number of people who want to wear a mask and I think that especially in crowded pockets of London that is a wise idea.

    Some of my family live in remote areas in North Wales and England where they hardly see a dozen people in a day. I don’t think they are anxious about masks. But on a typical day here in London, I could easily be within a meter of hundreds of people, perhaps more.

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  8. Are masks mandatory in stores and inside buildings in general or not in the UK? Is it up to the business owners? In Liechtenstein, you don’t need to wear masks anywhere except doctors, cosmetics, hairdressers, and physical treatments. In Switzerland, you have to wear masks in all public buildings but I don’t know about schools, to be honest.

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  9. Today’s news release states the 4th wave will be the worst given the lax nature of mask wearing and the non-vaccinated, plus the Delta variant. We are moving to COVID passports here, but I am still nervous to be out and about.

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  10. Isn’t it odd that upon request they refuse? Seems to me that there is something there to hide. And going backwards. We had a week where we were not required to wear masks but by week’s end with cases going back up we are back to wearing masks again. T will need to wear masks in school as well and on the school bus. Your government is one giant ball of assholedness and really a lot of people need to stand up and say take your rotten selves elsewhere and let those with a clue run. However given that you need money to even run for election those without are unable to make a difference. Just because one has money does not mean that one even has an iota of common sense.

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  11. I am back at work next week (in a school) I will be wearing my mask (so will a lot of other members of staff & students I suspect) in crowded areas. I will only be working with Year 7s.
    It has NOT gone way!

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  12. I think we have to figure out a way to live with not just the next wave and Delta, but also the next variants. This is a serious virus with many mutations still coming. I have no answers other than protect yourself and ignore the looks. You can do this, keep yourself and your boy healthy, no matter the ridiculous government

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      1. Agree, it’s always in the headlines and more people closer to home have been been diagnosed and some died. Let’s keep praying and do what we can to remain safe.


  13. Yeah I felt that way a few months ago. Suddenly most of the people were NOT wearing masks or social distancing. Recently the numbers have gotten up and you see more people wearing masks now though & many stores have started to require it. There’s even a school nearby that closed and went to distance only education (I live in florida btw).
    I think people are just so ready for it to be over that as soon as they got vaccinated they took that mask off. And now that the numbers are going back up people are getting scared & wearing that mask again. It’s definitely not over where I am at though even though people thought it was a few months ago.

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