Hawklad was feeling anxious. Really anxious. This time next week will be tough for him. It will be a tough call. Classroom or Home….

Sometimes it can feel very isolating just the two of us kinda cut off from the real world. Maybe there is a danger we take root.

So he needed a distraction. Something different. It was time to go hunting in the garage. What can I find. Imagine a place like the shop that Harry Potter got his wand from. Dark, cramped, filled to the brim with things that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Maybe decades. Some objects beyond rational comprehension.

As I rummaged deeper into the recesses my plight became more perilous. I stretched, bent and shakily balanced over box after box. Deeper I went into the precarious jungle of old toys and objects. Then I saw a very large old wooden box. It might as well have been an old precious wand. That will do nicely.

An old garden croquet set that came from his grannies house several years ago.

Yes it was fun. Definitely different. Some of the rules might have been loosely applied or invented. When did croquet become a contact sport. The long grass didn’t help. But the main thing is Hawklad was distracted.

Now was the time to get serious about this martial art called croquet. I got the lawnmower out and carefully cut out a croquet course. Incorporating obstacles. A Mole Hill. An Apple Tree. The Football Goal. Yorkshire Wet Grass.

Captain Chaos was a moving obstacle and introduced his own version of mayhem. Suddenly we have one of Europe’s Finest and Most Challenging Croquet Experiences.

Captain Chaos might be on to something. Croquet with a sock…..Yes Croquet is fun. And fun is needed some days…..

42 thoughts on “Anyone for croquet

  1. Old toys? Now I’m thinking that the next time the weather forecast says it will be dry for a few days, put out a [FREE] sign or [DONATIONS TO CAKE FUND] over a box of those toys Hawklad doesn’t want any more, for passing by kids in cars, to stop and benefit from your kindness.


  2. In case I never said it, you are an amazing dad, Gary 💖
    Captain chaos adds a lot of challenges to the game for sure but keeps it interesting… lol. He looks so gorgeous.
    I hope Hawklad finds some relief. It is understandable how difficult it is for him. But I think it won’t be easier to wait and join the class in the midst of the school year when they all are already settled. However, I hope there is a solution he will be fine with in the end.


  3. I have not played that since I was a little girl. That was so much fun this may sound odd but still remember the sound when one hit another one. Lol! I am so happy it distracted your son and you as well.


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