Maybe being inside amongst strangers is still a step too far for Hawklad but he keeps trying. A late call but we headed towards the North East Coast. To Whitby. A small town with so much history. A small town which provided one of the key settings for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

These days it’s a busy tourist destination. Today was grey and cold, so hopefully not that busy.

Yes less busy but still too busy for Hawklad. He desperately tried to keep his distance. Often walking down the middle of the road to avoid strangers. His hoody pulled over almost to the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t stay long. It was too uncomfortable and unsettling. He resisted the urge to let me go inside to buy ice cream or the legendary Whitby Fish & Chips. We made it to see a few boats. A quick wander to the Pier. Then it was heading back to the safety and isolation of home.

What happens with school at the end of the week. Still to be determined. But to me there is only one viable road open.

35 thoughts on “Whitby

  1. Isobelle’s college starts tomorrow, and her only class, the teacher won’t be in. So after prepping her to go, my daughter now has to try and explain she won’t be going. Even colleges for children/17 year olds with disabilities don’t realize that things cannot be changed without consequences 😖


  2. We often complain about the insensitivity of bureaucracy here in NZ, but compared to your experience in the UK, our’s seems like a pleasant stroll in the park. I’m sure you’ll do the right thing for Hawklad, and at this time that does not appear to be attending school.


      1. I give ’em credit, kids get through such crap days and if nothing else they learn life lessons about people. I’m now going to ponder what the ‘uck 🦆 I learnt going to school, for it sure wasn’t anything on any curriculum! 💩💩💩


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