Still no word from school. A day of planning for a potential return lost….

Still no final decision on the return to the classroom. The case for school not helped by the Politician in charge of Education in my country. Remember him, the person with a horse whip on clear display on his desk. In his words schools are ‘safe and protected’. When asked how that was during a pandemic with up to 40000 new cases per day, he floundered and waffled. Then he said that because ‘The Government’ has installed CO2 monitors in schools. They would indicate where air quality was a problem. Windows could be opened, classes could go outside, they could consider other stuff…. He was then asked a simple question, had any schools received monitors for the start of Term and the answer was ‘NO, they will start to be issued later’. They have known about this for 18 months….. Why can’t they just invest in proper school ventilation and reduce the excessive class sizes in English schools….Why enforce masks on school buses but not in school. Finally just decide on what is happening with child vaccinations.

So what is Hawklad’s decision. Still no final word but here is a potential indication. He loves watching Wrestling. He loves going to see it when they tour. He can go to see a Wrestling Event in a few weeks. Normally he would have snapped my hand off for tickets. This time his answer was different.

“If I can’t manage school then I can’t manage going to see wrestling. No Dad don’t get tickets……”

50 thoughts on “Wrestling with a decision

  1. I no longer have school-age children, but I can understand your frustration as I watch family members here trying to find/decide on the best school options for their special needs children when the health and safety of the children isn’t even a consideration.

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  2. Gary, I don’t know if this will help but I’m going to tell you this and hope it works for you as well. I had just gotten upset over a Covid-related matter. Timing was so lousy as only today I seem to have come out of a funk and had been very happy – but just now I received news that only served to get me worked up again. Then, I prayed and asked God for a sign, some indication of what I should do. And this is what came, through an old post of mine:
    Why are you anxious…?
    Learn from the way the wild flowers grow.
    ~ Matthew 6: 28

    I decided to share this with you because you seem to have wildflowers in your image for this post…

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  3. A wise child you have there, you are lucky. I know you both will make the right decision. Here it is a free for all in our state, take your chance because no one in authority will hold to a decision for the helpless—children.

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  4. My son ( who is 29 in a few weeks) was ALWAYS in trouble. I can’t tell you how many times we were called into school. And of course – the golden rule was take something away to help him learn a lesson. He used to go to the police cadets on a wednesday & swimming on friday. I suggested stopping him from doing these as his ‘punishment’. But we were told that as he thrived in these places – it would be detrimental to do that. Let him continue to do this & find something else. So we did. He’s turned out ok in the end!

    So your lovely lad – who has his challenges on a daily basis, should be allowed to do this one thing he can achieve. Because he is working hard to overcome his fears and go there! Small steps. Big success.

    You can’t fight the government. They are too big! We are all frustrated over them. But don’t let their shortcomings spoil those passions when you can both step out of your comfort zone.

    Give him permission to go!

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  5. I’m so sorry it continues to be so frustrating and anxiety inducing for you, and your poor government leadership certainly doesn’t help. Sending you and Hawklad lots of positive (the good kind of positive) wishes!

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  6. I worry on and off, but either way I won’t drop my guard. I’ve had a spell on the front line looking after covids. Yes I’m fully vaccinated 💉💉 and use PPE precautions, but none of us are 100% safe. I’m saddened about it all. Even just recently a friend was on the phone telling me she had caught covid from the hospital while she was in for a gall stone.


      1. Similar yesterday here. As on my half hour break, this time I thought sod it I’m having chips,damn it! So I went to the nearest chippy and none of the staff had masks on. There was a joke of a screen that didn’t cover anything worthy of comment and the guy didn’t even bother to stand behind it. As for the lady “Chin strapping” { my son’s phrase of wearing a mask to protect a chin. {sigh} Pure madness. I mean, it might not be in the news, but there’s a care home in Swansea riddled with covid (clients and staff) and two have already died. This is less than a year later from what happened not so far away from there:

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  7. I guess if I was to describe how your son might be feeling about returning to school using this image, I’d say it sounds like wanting to be the other side of those thistles, but finding your wearing shorts and shoes with massive holes in and no socks.
    The choice is therefore three fold: 1) To stay this side and miss out on what is on t’other side. or 2) Tip toe through and take the chances. or 3) Run head long through the thistles and damn the consequences. I do not want to be in his shoes, bless ‘im.
    You know that photo also reminds me of getting on a donkey 🐴 in a field wearing a bikini (me in the bikini not the donkey) and learning the hard way, that the donkey didn’t want to play nice. It dropped me off in a similar patch of thistles, the bee~hatch!


  8. A recent stay in hospital had me thinking a lot about Hawklad. I live very quietly and being in hospital was sudden and total sensory overload. There are no considerations for “sensitive” people. It isn’t the fault of the nursing staff who are completely over worked and run off their feet, but it’s a matter that will have to be addressed, whether governments like it or not. I can’t tell you how many things are wrong with our “system”! How could someone like Hawklad be expected to learn in such a hostile environment? I am so sorry there is so little help for you.

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